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Things that can go wrong when moving

traffic jam

Although we are all optimistic and excited when it comes to moving, you have to admit that there are things that worry us. Yes, accidents can happen to everyone. There are so many things that can go wrong, but also things we can be aware of while moving. But if you inform yourself of potential issues, you can be prepared ahead if something goes wrong.  

Moving is stressful for every person, and if you’re curious to find out what are the things that can go wrong when moving, check out our article below. We’ve created a list of most common things that could go wrong while relocating. This list is based on a survey on movers’ experience and whether you are fully prepared to move, it’s not bad to learn some useful tips if things go wrong. You must have a few things came to mind, such as traffic jam, extra costs, overpacking or damaged furniture. But let’s see what else could go wrong while we’re moving to our new home! 

Movers are late / don’t show up 

Well, while searching Google for information about accidents during moving, you must have encountered a large number of bad stories of things that can go wrong when moving. One of the most common accidents is when it comes to moving is when movers are late or don’t show up at all. Well, this is already a serious problem. Imagine that you have planned relocation and removal company doesn’t send a moving truck. Of course, you would be angry. You negotiated time and place, paid the deposit to the company and now it’s all gone. You lost your time and nerves. Of course, you should immediately call the moving company and ask what’s going on. And yes, prepare for numerous excuses for late / not showing up. If you can not get a company at all, and you’re in a hurry, it’s best to call last-minute movers.  

wallet with money on display as extra costs one of the things that can go wrong when moving

Traffic jam and parking issues 

When we talk about things that can go wrong when moving, of course, we have to mention traffic jam and parking issues or moving injuries.

Depending on where you live, traffic jams can present you with the real nightmare during moving. This particularly applies to large cities and metropolises such as New York. If you need to move on a business day, avoid the time when the streets are crowded because people are coming back from work. Also, make sure you reserve a parking space for a moving truck. Sometimes the moving truck is huge and there is not enough space, so make sure you ask for the size of the truck before reserving a parking lot. If there is not enough parking space, be sure that an urgent search for a new parking space will cause extra costs. Some incidents to which we can not be ready are when moving truck gets into a traffic accident or gets trapped because of heavy snow. 

 Things that can go wrong when moving: Item protection issues 

The way you pack your stuff is very important. First of all, pack your things accordingly, room by room. Item protection issues are among things that can go wrong when moving. Don’t overpack your stuff! Don’t put too much large items in just one box. You can’t handle that and there is a possibility that you can drop it.  It is important that the boxes are easier and protected against potential impacts. That way, you can easily load a moving truck with them. Also, count for all moving costs and calculation!

broken mobile phone as one of things that can go wrong when moving

Items for which we remember beautiful memories and those of great value, require additional protection. You can use bubble wrap, old magazines, clothes or towels to provide extra protection to fragile items during relocation. If it’s possible, move your most precious things with you. If you have hired professional movers, make sure you oversee how they work. You don’t want your items to be broken or damaged. 

Things that can go wrong when moving:  Extra costs 

Extra costs during relocation could become a real horror. What can cause extra costs? First thing – the boxes. Sometimes certain items require extra protection during moving so you have to buy special boxes or bubble wraps to provide protection. Sometimes professional affordable movers will have to work overtime, and that means more money on hiring. If you don’t have enough space and time to move all your things together immediately, paying for portable storage can cause extra costs, too. Of course, almost every time during moving, something breaks or gets lost. So you have to count on those costs. And yes, you don’t have to pay for moving and insurance, but it’s highly recommended – which leads to extra costs again. And if you have something that needs to be delivered as soon as it can, express delivery requires extra costs. As you can see, extra costs can be some of the things that can go wrong while moving 

woman and a moving box

Furniture can’t go through the doors 

You can pack all the smaller and easier things in the boxes. But when you fail to bring your furniture outside because it doesn’t fit the size of your door, then we are speaking of more things that can go wrong while moving. The doors, stairs, and hallways are usually a big problem when it comes to relocating the furniture. Even if we talk about old furniture that you want to leave behind or throw it away, someone still has to remove them from the house. Of course, you can choose from several options. First, you can simply try to remove the door from its hinges to get extra space. If it still doesn’t fit, take the plan B. Disassemble your furniture. Try to remove detachable parts of furniture and move a piece to piece through the door.  

For this option, you will need help from your family members or friends and the right tool. This process can take some time but you’ll solve the problem. Also, you can use a rigging system to relocate your furniture through windows. This requires special equipment but sometimes you will have to pick the less bad option. 

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