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How to avoid moving injuries?

First aid kit to help you avoid moving injuries.

Safety comes first, and that’s something we hear on a daily basis. But, the truth is that relocation is much more than just a complicated and costly endeavor – it is also a process that could present a health hazard if not careful. Yes – to avoid moving injuries won’t be the easiest thing you have ever done. But, it also won’t be the most difficult one. All it takes are some measures of precaution that you need to keep in mind the whole time while moving. The time you spend learning about the techniques of protecting yourself can never be time wasted.

Admit when you need help

Let’s face it – it is highly unlikely that you will obtain any moving injuries while relocating books. It’s the items that weigh a lot that present the real problem. Should you even attempt to lift and move a couch by yourself? Is such a thing even possible? You could be the world’s strongest man and this will still be a task that is too difficult. If you are on a tight budget, you don’t have to hire a reputable NJ moving company. But you do have to call in a few friends if you opt against professionals. Admitting that you need help is the first step on your way to avoiding moving injuries!

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Careful with how much you carry

How tempting is it to carry two, three or more moving boxes at a time and try to save yourself from a couple of trips? But how much time are you really saving and how much of your safety are you endangering? It is said that you should never carry more than one moving box at a time, and there is a good reason why that rule was made. Not even the best local movers in NJ dare to overburden themselves, and neither should you!

Be smart when trying to avoid moving injuries

Wit will always prevail over strength, and this job is no exception! To steer clear of moving injuries, we have a few words of advice for you – use the specialized moving equipment you have at hand. It’s always better to push rather than pull and carry your object, which you can do by using some pieces of equipment.

  • Moving Straps
  • Dollies
  • Furniture sliders

But remember that you also need to read the instructions and learn the right way of maneuvering this equipment. Otherwise, you could cause the exact opposite effect of the one you are trying to achieve, which is to avoid any moving-related injuries. And they can be really scary, as you could cause hernias, broken bones, strained back, etc.

A person's fingers in bandage after not being able to avoid moving injuries.

Always keep your back straight if you want to avoid moving injuries

Arguably, the most crucial technique for avoiding a big part of moving injuries is keeping your back straight while moving. This position might not be great in protecting you against scrapes, but it will singlehandedly prevent any injuries pertaining to your back. Say goodbye to relentless back pain after moving, and say hello to a perfect moving technique all residential NJ movers use. And this was only part one. The right technique for lifting things is very complicated and extensive, and it goes like this.

  • Start by keeping your legs apart. 
  • Whether lifting an object by yourself or with someone else’s help, make sure you get a good grip of the object.
  • Slowly lift the object, but use your legs for lifting and not the back.
  • Don’t make any sudden movements while carrying the piece, but make slow and calculated moves.
  • There is no need for you to twist your body, as that can only result in a negative outcome.
  • Listen to your body, and as soon something starts to hurt or not feel right, abort what you are doing!

Don’t forget to stretch!

What is stretching if not warming up the muscles so that they are more ready for the stress that lies ahead? Warm muscles are less prone to injuries, no matter what you use them for. Sure, it might take a few minutes out of your otherwise busy schedule. But, it will also help you prevent moving injuries, which should be the most important thing at the moment!

A woman stretching.

Proper preparation is of the essence

You can be a strong person who knows the right technique of lifting objects, but it still won’t mean much if you don’t prepare the field in advance. What does that mean? It’s simple, it means that you should get everything in the optimal condition for the job that lies ahead, as maintaining moving day safety goes far beyond the proper lifting technique. For example, make sure that the path between the moving truck and your item is clear. The last thing you need while carrying a washing machine is having to avoid the obstacles on the way.

Also, be wise about the choice of clothing for the big day. Wear something comfortable, but not too baggy. Instead, aim for breathable fabric that will help your body maintain an ideal temperature and not overheat, making you uncomfortable. When it comes to your shoes, avoid anything with open toes and, needless to say, heels. Finally, it’s advisable to wear gloves once the lifting process starts. They will help you not lose the grip of the object, and to achieve that, you should use specialized moving gloves. After all, the most reputable interstate movers use it, so why shouldn’t you?

That’s all that separates you from the ability to be safe and avoid moving injuries. A few pieces of advice can go a long way, and we made sure we gave you our best ones. After all, we have been collecting them over the years, so we are more than capable of commenting on the subject. Good luck!

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