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How to find affordable movers in NJ?

Affordable movers NJ

There are a lot of things to handle when relocating. You’re probably already preoccupied with thoughts of how much the upcoming move will cost you in the end. Most people are well familiar that relocating is an expensive affair one way or another. The good news is that you can find affordable movers NJ with our help. If they are affordable, that does not mean they are low-quality. There are companies that can provide you with great moving services without taking all the money you have. Your job is to locate, research, and hire the services of such a low-cost yet reliable moving company. Our job is to help you do that. We have prepared some steps that will help you find your budget-friendly movers.

How hard is it to find affordable movers NJ?

It is not the easiest process but it can be done. Businesses with low prices are often mistaken for low-quality companies. That is a stereotype you will have to let go of. A lot of expensive services often end up to be of the same quality as some less expensive ones. That is what we will start with. If you are looking for long-distance movers, you do not have to pay 3 months’ worth of your paycheck to be sure they will do the job right. Therefore, everything can be done at a reasonable price if you do your research right. Now that we have that covered, we can continue with the ways you can find those good yet affordable movers.

Google search.

Start your research for affordable movers

For example, when you need to find the top cities for families in NJ you can check online. And the same is with finding affordable movers. The first step is to get in touch with quality movers who offers the services you need at a reasonable price. Although there are many reliable companies in NJ, there are many fraudulent ones as well.

You need to watch out for that. With more professional movers to choose from, you need more time to do the research. A lot of reputable companies are usually booked in advance. If you wait too long, the good ones will be fully booked. They are very hard to get the last minute. Besides, urgent moves are sometimes charged extra, and you want to avoid that. On the other hand, some companies offer discounts for early bookings. Ideally, you should start your research months before the moving date.

Get  recommendations

The problem when looking for cheap moving companies is that you just don’t know which one will be both affordable and reliable. Each company promises that their services are the best and their prices are the lowest ones out there. Something that is clearly impossible. What you need to do is to ask those who will give you fair advice.

You should start your chase for affordable movers NJ with your family members, friends, and neighbors. Maybe some of them have recently moved or they know another person who has recently moved. Surely, you will trust your loved ones more than you trust the advertisement online. So, collect valuable information and explore your possible sources of information.

Check the company reviews

Reading reviews and ratings of moving companies is always a good way to search for reliable and affordable movers in New Jersey. This way you will get a better idea of what to expect from your possible moving partners in terms of professionalism, reliability, accessibility, and attitude. Moving reviews usually come in the form of overall performance ratings.

Plus, a short story of what the movers did right and what they did wrong. Online reviews of a moving company will keep you away from possible scam scenarios. Companies will always advertise themselves in the best way possible but that is what the said reviews are for. If you see that somebody had a great experience and a fair-price with that company, you got a score. Then again, if you see that there are reviews that are not so great, keep looking.

Quality sign

Contact movers personally

Remember to check if the company is licensed. You can sometimes find unbelievably low prices but for fraud. If you like what you see, it’s time to contact the movers personally. Talk to them on the phone or visit their office. When answering the phone, they should say the company’s name instead of “movers” or “moving company”. Also, their logo should be visible on their vehicles and in their offices. A non-existing physical office is another red flag. You do not want to end up in a problematic situation. Do not forget to check who are you doing business with. All signs that seem fishy to you, do not ignore them. If it sounds like a deal too good to be true, the chances are, it is.

Get in-home price estimates

As a smart buyer of moving services, do not make a mistake by accepting the first offer that you get. Ask several moving companies for a price estimate. Compare the received offers to choose the one that fits your budget. It all sounds easy enough but the price estimation process does have its specifics. Avoid price estimate over the phone or e-mail as they can never be as precise as you need them to be. Instead, request in-home surveys from several top-rated movers.

This way, moving experts will come to your home personally and take a closer look at everything you have to pack and move. To determine the winner amongst the variety of affordable movers, ask each company about the possible ways you can make your move even cheaper. In addition, study all options for reducing the final account, such as promotions, additional discounts for new customers, seasonal price discounts, and much more.

Check the legal status

The previous steps show you how to find affordable movers NJ that will take care of your move. Yet, before you are ready to pick the winning company, do some homework to save yourself from potential trouble. That homework is to research the movers a bit more. So, you should make sure they are licensed, insured, and reputable. Picking the movers that aren’t licensed and insured is a big mistake, no matter how affordable they are. Do not do that even if they are the cheapest company you find. We cannot emphasize this enough. There’s no point in saving money if something happens to your belongings.

If you do business with a company without a license, the chances of something bad happening are quite high. You can simply visit the USDOT website to make sure a company is legal. Licensed interstate movers have a USDOT number while intrastate movers have an MC number. Look for these numbers on their websites. Also, visit the AMSA’s website to check if the movers under consideration are members of the most prestigious association in the moving and storage industry. If they are, then you can rest assured that your household things will be in good hands.

What can you do to make your move even cheaper?

Finding reliable and affordable movers in New Jersey for your upcoming move isn’t an easy task. You can see that. But, the money that you will save in the end should be worth the time and effort. However, to really notice the difference, you also need to play your own money-saving techniques. In order to hire a reliable and affordable mover in NJ, use additional ways to make your move even cheaper:

  • Optimize your household items and personal items.
  • Book the movers in advance and plan everything properly.
  • Find free packing supplies
  • Pack your home by yourself, if you can, of course.
  • Find safe storage facilities to save your belongings

With these steps, you will find affordable movers NJ in no time

As you can see, it is no big deal but it does require a lot of attention and dedication. If you really want to find affordable movers NJ you need to spend some time looking for them first. Remember, just because they are not as expensive as some, does not mean you will not be happy with the services they provide. Just keep an open mind and try your options. We hope that our steps have helped you in some way. If nothing, at least we have given you some ideas and now you know what to do. Start your research and do not give up because good and reasonably-priced movers can be found. We wish you good luck!

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