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How to boost your relocation budget

Coins stacked neatly - learn how to boost your relocation budget

Most people go through the moving process at least once in their lifetime, while many have to go through it multiple times. We know what an expensive endeavor it is and therefore offer to help out a bit by giving you tips on how to boost your relocation budget. First off, we recommend hiring a professional moving company such as Bluebell Relocation Services NJ to help you with this project. It may seem like the more expensive solution, but in some ways, this could help you save money. There are a lot of expenses during the moving you just can’t predict, but by hiring a professional moving company this should not be an issue. Moving companies give you an estimated price and you know upfront how much the moving is going to cost you. If, however, you believe this is not an option for you, keep reading to learn about boosting your budget (or at least not draining it completely).

The logistics

The first thing on your checklist should be – making a checklist. Do research on what moving is all about and what are the most common must-dos. Expand your knowledge of what your specific needs are. Learn what kind of equipment and supplies you need. Write it all down and make a detailed plan. It is important to make a solid plan and then follow it.

A person writing a checklist

There are several things we recommend that you do, regardless of your moving plan. These are some universal rules and guides.

  • Be careful what you take with you
  • Ask your friends and family members to help you
  • Get your hands on some free packing supplies

Let’s go through these rules one by one, shall we?

What to leave behind and what to take with you

The best way to start this project is by organizing where you are right now. It will make the packing and unpacking process so much easier, plus you will save money, which is why you’re here, isn’t it? You want to take time to declutter. Get rid of old high school jeans you know you’ll never wear again. Throw away the old magazines that take up three huge boxes in the garage. Donate all of your kids’ old toys and clothes.

You can even earn some extra cash by organizing a yard sale. That way you can declutter and make money at the same time. Decide what items in your house no longer spark joy and get rid of every single one of them. First, choose a day for the yard sale – check out the weather forecast. Make pamphlets to let people know about your yard sale. Establish prices for every item you’re selling. Arrange everything nicely so it’s easily seen. Enjoy that day with your neighbors (and probably some strangers). It is a really nice way to mingle, earn money, and tidy your home  – all at the same time.

Items on yard sale - old figurines and decorative bowls

Consider going with the DIY move

But not literally DIY. You will most definitely need some help. Moving without professional help is hard, but feasible. Moving without any help will drive you absolutely mad. So, start calling your friends and family and tell them you need some help. Offer to bribe them with a barbecue party once the job is done. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it:

  • Make a detailed plan of everyone’s responsibilities. It is important for everyone to know what their duties are – both the helpers and yourself. People will get frustrated if you invite them to help you without an actual plan. It could end with some people just sitting around with nothing to do. It’s a waste of time for everyone.
  • Aks people what kind of duties they’d prefer. Perhaps some of your friends can’t lift anything heavy. Some people may enjoy cleaning rather than packing, or vice versa. Maybe they have a place to be so they can only come at a specific time of day. Take everything into consideration.
  • Prepare refreshments for the helpers. If they are staying and helping out for several hours, you should also bring out some food. Note: Takeout may be the best solution in this case, so you’re not wasting time in the kitchen.

If you are well-organized and appreciate people’s willingness to help you, you can all have a great time together and actually enjoy it.

Finding free supplies can really boost your relocation budget

Sure, you can spend money on cardboard boxes – but you can also find some free ones. People don’t use those boxes just for moving. Think – where can you find some free second-hand boxes? Perhaps a local supermarket can give you some boxes they’d normally throw away or recycle? If you have some friends who recently moved, you can ask them to give you their boxes.

Boxes for recycling

Another solution is to use plastic bins you already have, or rent some. Look up some eviction movers NJ and check their prices for renting plastic moving bins. This is the time to be creative and use whatever you have for packing stuff in it. Pack your wardrobe into your suitcases and duffle bags. Use all the bags and backpacks you own. You will obviously still have to use boxes, too, so make sure you label everything.

Other packing supplies

Have you found some boxes? Good. You will also need some padding or bubble wrap. Those aren’t cheap either. Instead, you can use layers of old newspapers as protection against any damage. Other things you can use (and you definitely already have them) are towels, rags, cushions, blankets, etc.

Do we hear a sigh of relief? Are you feeling much more relaxed now that you know how to boost your moving budget? We are happy to hear that! Good luck with moving and have fun!

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