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How to prepare for a day of heavy lifting

a woman trying to prepare for a day of heavy lifting

There is a lot that you will need to think about when the moving day is approaching – but avoiding injuries should be a priority. This is something quite real that can happen if you are not careful enough! Moving with big, heavy pieces of furniture without the help of professional moving services NJ can cause a back sprain, muscle damage – and even more serious injuries. And even with the good movers on your side, you will still need to prepare for a day of heavy lifting. In this article, we go over some things that you need to keep in mind during the moving day!

Prepare for a day of heavy lifting by planning everything ahead of time!

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your movers is to prepare and plan well before the moving day arrives. You will want to be ready for the heavy lifting by making it as easy for everyone as possible. First, you will want to clear the area in your home around these objects. Your cross country movers NJ will have dollies and similar lifting equipment, but they need to set it up next to the items in question.

a layout

Then, you should also clear up the path from the items to the moving truck. Plan this out well, because you will want to know exactly where the movers can park the truck, and where they can go carrying the item. Make sure there are no other items in the way, but also that your driveway is cleared up too. Lifting heavy items is tough – but so is navigating these items around – so make it easy for your movers!

Do some exercises if you are lifting the items alone

If your friends are helping you to move, then you should all prepare for a day of heavy lifting by some good set of exercises first. Lifting heavy items can easily stress your muscles, so you need to prepare them for the upcoming tension. Squats are perfect in this situation because they stimulate good posture. Keeping your back fixed while lifting lowers the risks of injuries, and squats help you get used to this. They also strengthen your lower body, which are the muscles you will be lifting with. After all, you have probably heard by now that you should “lift with your knees, not your back”.

a man doing squats

The second exercise that is perfect for this is deadlifts. Again, you want to ensure you are lifting using your legs for leverage instead of your back. Deadlifts do exactly this! They develop your pulling power by strengthening your hamstrings, glutes and lower back. This makes them another perfect exercise to prepare for a day of heavy lifting. What’s more, you should do these even if your movers are there – you never know when you will want to give them a hand!

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