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Cross country moving checklist

a cross country moving checklist

You might have already heard that there is a ton of stuff you need to do when moving. You need to figure out your packing situation, get in touch with reliable movers and finally actually transport your stuff. However, when you need to move across the country, things get a bit trickier. Yes, you still need to pack up everything. But now you need to make sure that your things are extra safe – the trip can be pretty long. You also need to look for reliable cross country movers NJ who you can trust to safely deliver your items. To help with all of this, in this article we give you a thorough cross country moving checklist. Keep reading to make your interstate move fun and easy!

The importance of a cross country moving checklist

For some, creating a moving checklist might seem ridiculous. They believe that they can handle their move even without a list to guide their actions. However, it is important to understand that proper organizations for any move – especially a cross country one – is essential. This is not only about sitting down and writing everything on a list. There are many benefits to creating your own cross country moving checklist.

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First, you will ensure that you don’t forget anything. Even if you miss out on a chore the first time you sit down, once you revisit your list you will be able to easily add to it. This is especially important on cross country moves when the chance of going back to pick up something you forgot is low. Also, there is nothing better than finishing a chore and actually see it crossed off a list, so this is a special extra benefit.

The second thing is that by creating a cross country moving checklist, you will speed up your move. Once you know what you need to do, you can group chores together. This way, you do not need to go to the city multiple times – you can just do everything in one run. Similarly, if you want to organize a yard sale, for example, you will pick things for it immediately when going through your items – because you knew this was incoming. This is how a good moving checklist can help you with anything from packing to finding reliable movers NJ. And since moving chores seem never-ending, this is a great thing!

Pick the items you will take with you carefully

Packing is probably one of the longest and most tiring moving chores. This is why so many people opt to do it the last or call professional packing services for it. However, even with the professionals (which we do recommend you call), you will still need to do your part. This is why preparing for packing should be on the top of your cross country moving list!

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So, how do you prepare to pack? Well, first, you will need to go through each thing you have in your home. From these, you will want to decide whether you want to take it with you or not. If you are having trouble, then think about the last time you used an item. If it was more than six months ago, then experts recommend you leave it behind. Once you move, you will be able to replace it easily.

You should look into the minimalist move if you want to save money. Remember, the moving company will charge you based on the distance they need to cover, but also the weight of your items. This is why, by getting rid of a lot of things, you can save a lot of money. And as far as what to do with these items, there are multiple things to decide. You can host a garage sale to earn some money. Otherwise, we encourage you to donate them to those in need.

Other things to put in your cross country moving checklist:

Planning your budget should be the top concern

Another thing that you need to pay special attention to is your budget. This will make or break your move. You can only go for the moving services you can afford – so knowing what the limit is should be imperative. So, sit down and chart the estimates of your budget. Then, you will know how to proceed when contacting moving companies and deciding how and what to pack.

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Find the affordable movers with ease

After you know how much you can spend on your move, it’s time to look for a reliable moving company. First, you can ask your friends and colleges about their experiences. They can offer some great advice and recommendations. If not, then search online, finding the cross country movers in your area. Create a list of those that seem a good fit, and start screening them. Call and ask for references and estimates, and read up the online reviews. After that, it will be easy to figure out which company is the best fit.

Do not forget about your utilities

Another thing that you should not forget about is the utilities in your homes. You should plan to cancel the utilities in your old home, while also set things up in the new one. Trust us, arriving in your new house which has no gas or electricity is never a good experience. You want to start your new life on the right foot – so make sure you put the utilities on your cross country moving checklist!

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