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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in New Jersey

University of Princeton is one of the top-rated tourist attraction in New Jersey!

Have you decided to move to New Jersey? It’s a wonderful destination for living and visiting as a tourist. However, if you are wondering what are the best tourist attractions in New Jersey, wonder no more as you are soon to find out!  We will let you know where you should head to first after your arrival! However, if you are moving to New Jersey, you should consider hiring Westfield movers, one of the best ones for the relocation job! Let’s find out now what are the top-rated tourist attractions in New Jersey!

Tourist Attractions In New Jersey – Where you should head to first!

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However, if you are heading to New Jersey as a tourist, you should start searching and find out what are the best tourist attractions in New Jersey that you should visit during your vacation! We have sorted out a small list of the best New Jersey destinations to visit as a tourist. So, let’s begin!

  • Cape May
  • Liberty State Park
  • Princeton
  • Thomas Edison National Historical Park
  • Atlantic City and Boardwalk
Atlantic City

Cape May

One of the lovely places that attract a lot of tourists every year is a town called Cape May. The place has lovely and charming houses built in Victorian style. Did you know that six of the US presidents had a summer house in Cape May? Nobody can resist those beautiful and attractive beaches. You can see a lot of wonderful Victorian-style holiday homes and the most popular one to visit is the Emlen Physick Estate house museum, located at 1048 Washington Street.

Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park brings thousands of people to the site each year! It also has the best view of Manhattan, Liberty Islan, and Ellis Island! The park scratched across 1.212 waterside acres in the upper New York Bay.  It is home to Communipaw Cove and home to a lot of monuments and memorials as well. While you are here, you should also visit the Holocaust memorial “Liberation” and “Empty Sky” in remembrance of people of New Jersey who lost their lives during the September 11th attacks and during the World Trade Center bombing in 1993.

Princeton – One of the Top Tourist Attractions In New Jersey

You will also have a wonderful time if you decide to visit one of the best and widely organized universities – Princeton! The University stretches across impressive 1600 acres of ground. A tour around the university will last around one hour. It’s highly recommended to go on a tour around Princeton because you will have fun and entertainment but you will also learn and find out new information from the students who are actually running the tours! But if you decide to rent an apartment in New Jersey, you can come back and visit Princeton a couple of times!

Princeton University

Thomas Edison National Historical Park

You can find the former laboratory of Thomas Edison in this park. Within the two buildings of Thomas Edison National Historical Park, you can also find some of the experiments that Edison conducted. Some of these include various movie cameras, as well as devices that record sound.

You will be able to get a closer look at all of the original objects that Edison used. There are organized tours to this impeccably maintained, 29 room mansion, which you should book well in advance.

Top Tourist Attractions in New Jersey – Atlantic City and Boardwalk

Atlantic City, often called “Las Vegas Of the East Coast” is world-famous for its nightlife, as well as rich history and the famous Boardwalk. It even has its own board game that is extremely popular. Boardwalk was built in 1870 and it is four miles long. It has been the main attraction of the city for numerous years. It is also the home of world-famous casinos and hotel resorts. Atlantic City owes much of its tourist income to this particular building. Many world-class celebrities made their appearance at this amazing place.

There are many ways to traverse the Boardwalk, such as bikes, electric trams, scooters, and even rickshaws. Of course, the best way and the way you have to go through the Boardwalk at least once is by foot. But still, walking gives you the most time to appreciate all the wonders that you will see. Make sure to visit the Steel Pier while you are there. It is an amusement park that caters to both old and young audiences. Its huge observational wheel is a true marvel to behold.

Relocate to New Jersey – Hire A Professional Moving Company

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two workers

These were the top-rated tourist attractions in New Jersey! If you are moving there or just passing by, you should definitely visit some of these places! Don’t miss out! If you are moving to New Jersey, make sure to organize, plan and also make a checklist in advance! Have a good and smooth move! Best of luck!



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