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Tips for renting an apartment in Jersey City

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Have you decided to relocate to Jersey City? That’s great for you, congratulations! We know that you are making a good decision because JC is hot right now. Are you leaving Manhattan because of all the crowd? Or maybe you are coming from somewhere further? If you are, this is a great place to be. You are close enough to Big Apple events, yet far enough from the tourists and crowds. No matter where are you coming from, if you are new to this area, you will need some tips for renting an apartment in Jersey City. That is why we are here to help. Go through these tips and see what you can use. There are some basic tips when renting an apartment anywhere, so feel free to apply them to Jersey City as well.

Why is renting an apartment in Jersey City good idea?

Jersey City is the second most populous city in New Jersey, right after Newark. This is a home to almost 300,000 people, but that is not the most interesting part. What is interesting is the fact that JC has the largest population increase of all New Jersey municipalities since 2010. And you know that all those people are moving here for a reason. Here you will find one of the most diverse communities in the country. Many languages, cultures, and customs intertwine and together make a welcoming surrounding for anyone who wants to try their luck here.

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You should also know that trying your luck here will be somewhat easy since there are more than 100,000 private and public sector jobs at your disposal. Never mind if you are interested in financial or service sectors, retail, logistic, shipping, etc. Even though the supply of the workforce is high, the demand is even higher. Therefore it’s no wonder so many people are renting an apartment in Jersey City these days. Just ask a good moving company such as Bluebell Relocation Services NJ how much work they have. Everything will be crystal clear.

How to rent an apartment successfully?

If you are renting an apartment in Jersey City or anywhere else, there are steps that will make the process easier. Before you call your local or long distance movers to undertake the project of your relocation, you should first follow these steps:

  • decide on a budget,
  • do proper research,
  • figure out if you will be needing storage space,
  • make sure to visit the apartment in person before you rent it.

Once you finish these steps, you will have no problem finding a great apartment for your needs in Jersey City.

Decide on a budget

This is a crucial thing before renting an apartment in Jersey City or anywhere else, for that matter. There is a big difference in the opportunities with even a couple of hundred dollars difference in the budget. So have a little conversation with yourself, put down on paper your income and known expenses and see how much rent you can afford. And don’t forget about the additional costs, such as the deposit. You should take that into consideration when you are making plans for financing.

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Again, that has nothing to do with the fact whether you are preparing for local moving or you are coming to New Jersey from across the globe. But remember this. You are going to see a lot of apartments. Some of them will be fabulous, others will not be so great. However, whatever you do, no matter how much you like the apartment, stick to your budget. You have set it that high for a good reason. So don’t let some sweet talking (or looking) convince you to overstep your possibilities. You might regret it later.

Do proper research

How do you expect that your adventure of renting an apartment in Jersey City goes successfully if you skip the research? You will not know what is on the market if you rent the first apartment you see. Or what are the prices. And, the more important fact is that you will not even know what you need unless you do research. Firstly make sure to figure out your needs and priorities, and afterword everything else. No matter what are your needs and wants, you must be real with priorities. If you want to be closer to your new job, you will have to settle with a smaller apartment, for example. Just set the list of priorities, and check the things apartments have when you see them.

Figure out if you will be needing storage space

Many people forget about this little thing. But, if you are renting an apartment in Jersey City while you are downsizing from your previous house, you may lack some space. That is why you should explore what kind of storage services Jersey City has to offer you. And don’t forget to include that expense to the additional costs that you will be having on a monthly bases.

Make sure to visit the apartment in person before you rent it

This sounds very logical, right? Yet, many people fail to take this obvious and important step. They get carried away with beautiful pictures online or the “special price” their real estate agent is giving them “only if they decide right now”. So they make a huge mistake of not seeing the property before renting an apartment in Jersey City. Because we all know that pictures can be very much fake. You shouldn’t even rely on a video call unless you absolutely must. You can’t feel the smell of the apartment over the phone, can you?

a look at Manhattan from the sea

So you shouldn’t trust anyone or anything except your eyes and other receptors and senses. Once you visit the place, you will see everything, good and bad. You will feel some kind of energy, that will help you decide whether to choose it or not. And we recommend listening to your guts when it comes to renting an apartment in Jersey City.

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