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Tips to Pack Hanging Clothes for a move

A couple of dresses on hangers

Most will agree that the packing process is tiresome and time-consuming part of your relocation. But it must be done right if you want your belongings relocated without damages. Therefore, let us help you with one of the stages and show you how to organize and pack hanging clothes for a move.

Figure out what to move before you pack hanging clothes for a move.

Before you begin your packing process you must inspect all your clothes. This way you will figure out if you can get rid of old pieces you are not using anymore. Moreover, this would be the best time to declutter and downsize. Therefore, you should shuffle through your items and separate them in piles. Surely you can donate, sell, or gift some of it. But in case you want to keep it all, you can always rent storage NJ. Moving companies offer amazing cheap and safe storing solutions. Give it a try.

Bunch of old clothes cluttering the room
We all have old unused items at home. Make sure to downsize and get rid of it.

Not to mention that you’ll reduce the overall moving cost and boost your moving budget if you declutter your home. Your moving costs are lower if you are moving fewer items. Be sure to check your attic, basement, and garage to find already stored dust gatherers. Get rid of it and start clutter-free.

But you are not packing clothes only.

To pack hanging clothes for a move, you will need hangers and boxes designed for them. But you must think about the other items as well. While at the hardware store, make sure you obtain enough packing materials to accommodate all moving requests. But if you want to avoid the whole packing process you should seek professional packing services NJ. It is the most affordable and safest way to pack, relocate, and unpack all your stuff. More importantly, it is done by someone else. But in case you want to do it yourself, make sure you obtain the following:

  • Moving boxes of all shapes and sizes
  • Hangers and plastic covers
  • Cushion
  • Packing tape

How to pack it you ask?

You shouldn’t waste too much time on all your hanging clothes. There are probably at least 50 different pieces for all seasons. If you remove each piece, fold, and pack you will lose precious time. It is a way to go for sure, but there is a better one. Simply pack it as it is. Use plastic bags or covers designed for the occasion. Or you can use a simple garbage bag. Just gather enough hangers together and poke a hole in the bag. Pull your hangers through but make sure you do not tear the bag. And there you go, you have it packed. Simply carry it as it is or transport it in your car.

Use hangers you already have to pack hanging clothes for a move
Use hangers you already have at home. It will save you a lot of trouble.

Be sure everything is secured when you pack hanging clothes for a move.

Although, if you pack your clothes in bags and covers, they will be prone to damage. Therefore, you must take special care of how and where you put them. In your moving truck, they should always be inside a piece of furniture or on the top. This way nothing can fall and tear your bags. But if you do not want to take any risks, buy a few moving boxes designed for hanging clothes, at least for highly valuable pieces.

Label your precious cargo.

The last bit is to label all your moving boxes, bags, bins, crates, etc. Your movers should know what is inside. This way all your fragile pieces will be handled with care. Also, this approach will help you in the unpacking process. Put the content of the box and a room it belongs to on a label and tape it to the box. You are good to go.

And there we go, these were the essential things you should know before you pack hanging clothes for a move. It won’t be hard at all, as long as you have proper packing materials and a reliable moving company by your side. Good luck and have a safe journey.

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