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Things to do in North Jersey, NJ

A man with a compass looking for things to do in North Jersey NJ

Moving to North Jersey, NJ has many benefits to it. Apart from having the best North Jersey movers on your doorstep, you will be able to enjoy various splendors after your move. And if you are wondering what those are, we are here to inform you that you have come to the right place. We have listed some of the great, fun and inspiring things to do in North Jersey, NJ. So, make sure to read the following few lines before you plan your day out.

Things to do in North Jersey, NJ

North Jersey is a city in Passaic County in New Jersey. Costs of living are greater than the US average, with housing being the biggest factor, while transportation costs are not that far behind. However, North Jersey itself has nice weather and a low crime rate. Your decision to move here can be made super smooth and easy with the help of Bluebell Moving and Storage. And, after you have unpacked your bags, and finally found some time to go out and explore, we suggest that you give these places a try:

North Jersey Arts Center and Sculpture Park

If you are an art enthusiast and would like a little bit of local culture thrown your way, make sure to pay a visit to North Jersey Arts Center and Sculpture Park. The displays they offer are diverse and interesting. It is clear to see that much care and thought goes into the final picks that are exhibited. The Arts Center strives to showcase North Jersey’s artists and students, thus supporting young and perspective talents.

A man in a gallery
If you are looking for things to do in North Jersey, NJ, visiting North Jersey Arts Center would be a great idea.

Ghost Hawk Brewing

Although the place itself hasn’t yet celebrated its first birthday, ever since its opening in April 2019 it has gained quite the reputation. Namely, Ghost Hawk is more than a Brewery. It is also a bar, and a fine one at that. If you are one of those people that like to enjoy a good beer at a bar with no TV, Ghost Hawk is the place for you. The popular tasting pallet includes 4 options for $11.0, 4 oz glass.

You will find Ghost Hawk Brewing to be quite a welcoming place. Especially if you have moved with your pet and are looking for a nice place to spend time in. In addition, one of the great perks if this place is its location. Being just across Rutt’s Hutt (a locally famous hot dog joint) makes this brewery ideal for an early supper, or a Sunday brunch if you are up for it.

Enjoy the nature in North Jersey, NJ

While there are great places to visit and things to do in North Jersey, NJ while staying indoors, we believe that there are certain outdoor locations that are most certainly worthy of your attention. Our pick includes:

Zelenka Park

When thinking of that perfect neighborhood park, Zelenka Park’s image would certainly come to mind. Plenty of green space, lots of shade, a small playground, a ball field and never crowded – what more could one ask for? If you have moved to North Jersey, NJ with your family, this would be the place to spend your leisure time when the weather is nice. Picnic tables are a great plus that can make your weekend afternoons a true pleasure.

Two people having a picnic
Spending your free time on a sunny day by having a picnic in a park is one of those few true joys in life.

Morris Canal Park and Nature Reserve

This place is a true hidden gem in North Jersey New Jersey. It’s a great option to bring a date, children, or a whole group of friends. Morris Canal Park is equipped with wonderful seating areas and a grill. Nature Reserve has some wild animals for you to admire. All in all, if you want to have a calm and serene afternoon, this is one of the places you have to visit.

Things to do in North Jersey, NJ with kids

While North Jersey and New Jersey itself has great opportunities for both young and old adults, it is also a fine place for raising kids. Apart from great schools, you also will find a number of things to do in North Jersey with your little ones. When in doubt, we suggest that you pay a visit to:

The Lambert Castle Museum

Built back in 1892, Lambert Castle features a museum with both exhibits and furnishings that reflect the local Passaic Country history. The castle itself is a known landmark in Northern New Jersey. Whilst here, you will not only be able to explore the grounds but you can also visit the museum’s rich variety of historical artifacts, maps, and pictures within the exhibitions. There are fun events for you to enjoy across the year. Some of our favorites include annual fundraises and the Victorian Tea. Visiting this place will most definitely boost your kids’ imagination as they walk through the ancient corridors and imagine life all those years ago.

Two kids on a stone trail
Let your kids have a unique experience by taking them to Lambert Castle.

The Friendly Farmyard

Looking for things to do in North Jersey NJ with your kids? Why not stop by the Friendly Farmyard and enjoy the company of some friendly and cute animals? The whole place is clean, engaging and friendly with some wonderful animals. Goats, ducks, bunnies, chickens, and ponies are probably some of the nicest and most polite creatures you will get to encounter. The staff is very patient, considerate and joyful. It is a great place to celebrate birthdays as well, so do take that into consideration if you like the place. It will provide an easy and happy day for everyone involved. Besides, if you do not have a pet at home, this would be a great place to introduce your kids to the joy of having an animal around.

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