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Tips For Moving with Pets

Moving with pets? You and your lovely friend will feel better and safer if you travel together!

We all know how hard and exhausting a relocation process can be. It gives us a lot of stress and headaches. It is even worse if we have kids and lovely pets to take care of at the same time. A few months before the move, we have to start planning, decluttering, organizing and packing seasonal clothes and items we are not planning to use for several months. The best idea is to hire Westfield movers to assist you with the move. You will have to find a good school for your children, transfer utilities, medical and school records and take care of a lot of things. Moving with pets is also an additional thing that we have to worry about.

Moving with pets – What do you need to know?

Taking care of our pets is a very important thing for all of us who have a lovely creature as a part of our family. You already know how much they mean to us and how much they love us! For all of you who never ever went through the moving process with a pet, we are here to help and give you some tips on moving with pets.

As you probably know, a moving process takes a lot of time and cause stress. In order to reduce the moving stress and finish all tasks on time, you should hire a professional moving company. Get full-moving services from Glen Rock movers and they will pack, carry and relocate all your belongings fast and efficiently!

Now, let’s see what do you have to know and do if you have a lovely furball to relocate:

  • Pet Rules And Regulations
  • Talk to Your Pets Current Vet
  • Find a New Vet 
  • Get Your Pets Medical Record
  • Travel With Your Pet
  • Hire Professionals
Cat and dog laying on the floor.

Get Info about Pet Rules and Regulations if you are Moving With pets

Before you move, give a call to one of the animal control centers in your new area of living to get info about pet rules and regulations. Depending on where you are moving, your pet might need some additional medications, vaccinating or some specific certifications because landlords and homeowners have some specific rules. Therefore, don’t waste your time, give a call to the animal control facility and get your answers as soon as possible.

Talk to Your Pets Current Vet

Moving with pets is not an easy thing. If your pet doesn’t like traveling or gets stressed out and upset easily, you should talk with your current vet in order to go through the moving process without a problem. Your vet can suggest some medication to make travel less stressful on your lovely animal. A vet can also suggest some behavior modification techniques if you are not agreeing with your pet being medicated.

Let your kids take care of your lovely pet. They will feel helpful and useful!  However, you should also know how to prepare your kids for a long-distance move so stop wasting time! Make plans, checklists and organize yourself! That’s the best way to go through the moving process without a problem!

Find A New Vet

Search for a new vet for your pet before you move. You can ask your pets current vet for some suggestion. If your pet’s vet has some colleague in the area where you are moving, you should ask him or her to schedule an appointment if it’s possible. It’s very important to visit the vet as soon as you can after you arrive in order to get established.

Vet holding a cat.
Find a new vet before you move and schedule an appointment as soon as you can.

Moving With Pets – Don’t forget Your Pets Medical Record

Before the moving day comes, you should get your pets medical record from your current vet. If you have already found a new vet, as soon as you arrive, schedule an appointment and transfer your pet medical records to the new vet’s office. However, if you haven’t found a vet yet, you should find a number of the closest emergency animal hospital and keep it handy all the time!

Travel With Your Pet

Unless you are making an international or a long-distance move, your pet should travel with you in your car. You are the person they are feeling comfortable and familiar with, so they will feel safe while relocating to another destination. In order to prepare your pet for the move, you should take them for a few short distance drives before the moving day comes. If you have a big dog, you can find one of the seat belts in the pet stores. If your pet needs any special carrier for transportation, you should remember that before the move and plan ahead.

Dog looking through the window.

Hire Professionals

In order to save some time and reduce the moving stress, you should hire a professional mover. Licenced BlueBell movers will pack, carry, relocate and unpack all your belongings fast and efficiently! A professional mover has polite and helpful customer service workers! They will gladly answer your questions about the move and relocation process.

A professional moving company also has well-trained workers and years of experience!  They will send a team of qualified workers to your location in order to inspect the house and calculate the moving costs in advance! You won’t have to worry about extra costs at the end of the move because there won’t be any!

Are you moving with pets? These are the things you should know before you decide to relocate with your lovely creature. The most important thing is to make them feel safe. The best idea is to relocate them by yourself in your car. Don’t forget to buy seat belts for larger dogs. Think in advance and plan ahead if your pet needs any special carrier for transportation. We wish you all the best! Have a nice trip!

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