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Things to do after moving to Upper Montclair

Two girls enjoying their day after moving to Upper Montclair

Moving to Upper Montclair is a great idea, as it offers many opportunities, regardless of your background. And with Upper Montclair moving company it could not be simpler to relocate. However, the process of relocation is just the initial step in your new life. A life that is full of potential. So, with that in mind, let’s see what are some things you can do after moving to Upper Montclair that will make you appreciate the place you now call home even more.

Things to do after moving to Upper Montclair

Upper Montclair is an unincorporated community and neighborhood within Montclair in Essex County, New Jersey. As such, it shares the climate of the New Jersey area, meaning that there are a lot of nice sunny days, most of which you would want to spend outside. So, when your relocation is finalized with the help of professional packing services NJ, it’s time to get your walking shoes, and head on over to:

Presby Iris Gardens

If you are an Iris enthusiast, this place won’t need much of an introduction. However, if the subtitle has not yet piqued your interest, let us do our part in changing that. Namely, Presby Iris Garden is the largest iris garden in the country. Apart from the beautiful grounds, this place has a plethora of other features to boast about. Naming just a few would include all kinds of irises, including anything from giant bearded iris to tiny miniature iris.

Iris garden
If you like irises, you will love moving to Upper Montclair.

One of the best times to visit is in May, as this is the period when the flowers are in full bloom. In June, iris rhizomes (bulbs) are for sale, so have that in mind if you plan on taking some of these beauties home. As for the rest of the year, they hold many events. If you have moved to New Jersey with your kids, make sure to bring them over for the pumpkin carving displays, outdoor movies, and Mother’s Day concert.

If you like to enjoy your days hiking, Presby Iris Gardens will not disappoint. Behind the gardens, you will find trails leading up to the Mills Reservation which has some great walking paths.

Anderson Park

Anderson Park is a nice little oasis of peace at the center of it all. If the weather is nice (and the chances for that are great) it is a great place to spend your day. You can walk a few laps, see Buzz Aldrin’s childhood home, take a sip of water from the fountain, and simply enjoy yourself. Large green fields will fill you with energy that the city tends to deplete.

In spring and fall, there are a lot of organized sports being played. You yourself can join, or simply have a run, or play frisbee or ball. The local authorities have equipped the park with nice and clean bathrooms. In September, you can enjoy a craft fair with interesting and different types o vendors as well as food.

All in all, Anderson park will probably be one of the places you visit most often after moving to Upper Montclair. You will see elders walking during the quiet hours, kids playing after school, and moms with strollers enjoying their safe haven for their youngsters. It will be easy to understand why Upper Montclair residents see this place as the area’s pride and joy.

People having a nice time in a park
Anderson park will be your go-to place when it comes to leisure time in Upper Montclair.

Wellmont Theater

Upper Montclair has many splendors for you to enjoy. However, for this wonderful place, you will have to go just a bit further. Still, we believe it should definitely have a place on your after-the-move checklist of activities. Namely, this theatre was built back in 1922 and converted into a motion picture theatre in 1929. It has since seen the likes of famous inventor Thomas Edison, one of its haloed guests.  The theatre itself has triplexed in the 70s, and the original lobby is now a restaurant.

The Wellmont Theatre is now at its finest condition, as it went through a multi-million dollar renovation. It is a popular concert venue with new bars in the orchestra and mezzanine areas, flexible seating, and a dance floor. We are certain that just one visit will turn you into a regular customer.

Feeling hungry in Upper Montclair?

Moving to Upper Montclair means having plenty of nice places to visit, but many fine restaurants to dine in as well. So, if you are feeling a bit peckish after your visit to the nice places we have listed, make sure to fill your belly in these:

T. S. Ma

If Chinese food is your thing, look no further. After moving to Upper Montclair, you won’t feel the need to satiate your appetite for fresh and delicious food anywhere else. Apart from your traditional Chinese dishes, you will be able to have a healthier option of those same meals, as well as enjoy some great gluten-free meals. They also have delivery, so there is no need for you to leave the coziness of your home in order to have a delicious dinner.

Sandwich Theory

Sandwich Theory could change its name to ‘little gem of a restaurant’ with greatest of ease, and all the residents would support that move. Mind you, the place is nothing too fancy, but the food is out of this world none the less. Many choices from healthy to less so will accommodate your prerequisites. The place allows you to be creative with your pick, and have a whole new experience every time you visit.

If you are looking for a quick, healthy and unforgettable bite, the Sandwich Theory is the place for you.

Upper Montclair will not disappoint

What you will soon find out is that moving to Upper Montclair was a great decision. The place is filled with things to do and places to visit. It’s hard to have a dull day if you just step out through the door. So, do not waste a moment more and explore your surroundings with this nice guide.

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