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Your after-the-move checklist


Are you already in your new home and your movers have finished unloading your boxes? That is awesome! Feel free to give yourself a break- but not a long one. You still have to unpack all of those boxes. Something that can help you complete all the tasks in no time is your after-the-move checklist. Here are some of the tasks that should be on it.

Think about your priorities

The best way in which you should make an after-the-move checklist is to think about what your priorities are. This is certainly one of the top organizing tips to speed up unpacking. So, for example, the first task on the list should be unpacking your bathroom.


This is certainly a room all of your family members are going to need from the first day. So, after you have rested, make sure you do this first. Also, think about getting some cleaning supplies. These were not allowed for you to move, so you will need new ones.

Move on to the kitchen

The next room in which your family usually spends a lot of time is the kitchen. So, after you finish unpacking your bathroom, move on to unpacking the kitchen. It will be much easier for you if all of the boxes labeled ‘kitchen’ are already there when you start unpacking. However, one of the things you should consider first is how to organize it. Do not start filling the shelves and cabinets before making decisions concerning the organization. In case you have gone through an eviction process, ask your eviction movers NJ to help you.

Unpack your living room next

Avoid unpacking your living room first. This is only going to be a distraction for you and you will postpone unpacking other parts of your new home. So, after you finish unpacking your bathroom and your kitchen, the time is right to unpack your living room.

Living room

You have probably separated all of the appliances and their cords which will make it easier to install them now. Of course, you should first think about where to put your shelves and then start unpacking the boxes.

Store some of your belongings

One of the things you would certainly not like to have in your new home is clutter. So, think about what items you are not going to need for some time and separate them. After that, contact storage NJ and rent a storage unit. They have units of different sizes so you should also think about this part. Feel free to organize the unit in any way it suits you best!

As you have had a chance to see, we have mentioned the most important tasks that should be on your after-the-move checklist. By putting these pieces of advice into practice, you will manage to unpack quickly after your move. There is nothing to worry about- the most important part is now behind you. Now focus on these tasks and you will get to enjoy your new home in no time.

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