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How to save space when packing clothes for a move?

A rack with shirts outside, representing how to save space when packing clothes.

So, you’ve found a good moving company, hired the movers, prepared everything; and all that’s left is to pack for your relocation. And sure, there are a lot of challenges here, from the big furniture to the appliances; but there’s one type of item that’ll take far more space than you anticipate. And that’s your clothes! Let’s face it; we all have a lot of them, so if you want to save space while packing clothes; you’ll need some help. Luckily for you, we’ve got a few tips that should help you do this easily!

Pick out what you’ll need while moving

Okay, before thinking of how to save space while packing clothes; you’ll have to think about what exactly you’ll be packing first. And that means choosing what clothes you’ll be wearing while everything else is packed. Bear in mind, you need to plan this out perfectly; or else you’ll simply find yourself lacking clothing you desperately need. But on the other hand, you also don’t want to pack too much clothes with you; most of it should go into the boxes. Of course, if you’re going on a long-distance relocation; you’ll definitely need more than just one change of clothing. As you can see, this is something that largely depends on your specific circumstances.

Don’t use a large bag to save space when packing clothes

Of course, you may one of those people who tends to overpack, no matter where and why you’re going. But for the clothes you’ll be wearing on moving day and while you’re unpacking; there’s a way to limit yourself. It’s quite simple, really – just use a tiny suitcase, or even just a backpack right from the start. And if you’re moving locally, that won’t even be much of a hassle; you don’t need that much clothing to begin with. Besides; that way, you’ll force yourself to limit the amount of clothes; you’ll pack definitely pack lighter, and not think about it much.

Roll your clothing

Now that you’ve sorted out what’s going in the boxes, and what you’ll take with you while moving; how do you save space when packing clothes, regardless where they’re going? First of all, we’ve got a classic packing move – roll your clothes! There’s honestly no better way of literally halving the amount of space your clothes take up. And when you’re moving, space is something you definitely won’t have an excess of; so any packing trick is welcome!

Packing your belts

There’s one accessory that’s painfully difficult to pack, and that would be your belts! We all have a few of them, but they’re really tough to properly pack; especially if you’re trying to save space while packing clothes for a move. But don’t worry! Real professionals that provide packing services have a few tricks when it comes to packing belts. First of all, you can wrap them around the collar of some of your shirts. For one, it’ll instantly reduce the amount of space belts take up; but also, your collars will be nicely firm and intact during the relocation.

A belt on top of a pair of jeans.

Dealing with shoes

Let’s face it; if you asked someone to name the thing that takes up the most space, among those they’re wearing right now – everyone would pick their shoes. And with good reason; shoes simply take a lot of room, especially when you’re packing. When you try to save space when packing clothes, you’ll realize that there’s not a whole lot your can do to reduce the space your shoes take. After all, it’s not something you can fold without damaging.

On the other hand, there’s something else you can do. While changing how much space shoes take up is impossible; you can still get some extra space out of them! You’re bound to have a few smaller items or something you can roll and fold into a smaller shape; put this inside your shoes! And these items won’t take up the space they otherwise would. Also, if you’re packing boxes; make sure the shoes are down at the bottom. Once you’ve hired movers to carry your stuff, this will help with keeping the weight distributed in the boxes; and they’ll carry the boxes easier and faster.

A row of many pairs of men's shoes.

Be strategic

We’ve already mentioned that clothes will take up more room in your boxes and luggage than you’d expect; which is why it’s really important to think about everything in advance and plan out your packing. First of all, if you can; we’d recommend you pack as little of your jackets and bulkier items as possible. If the weather allows it, you and your family members should wear as many of these as you can; that way, you’ll save space when packing clothes.

Also, there’s another really important thing while you plan this; it’s not just about leaving out enough space. You also need to leave yourself enough time to pack everything – and then a little extra. Trust us; while you’re packing, a few issues are bound to come up. It’s nothing terrible, but you don’t want to be too time-constrained while solving this. So we recommend predicting this and giving yourself plenty of time for everything.

A large sweater folded on a white surface.


As you’ve gathered by now; there’s far less space for your things than you previously thought. So, knowing the little tricks to save space when packing clothes becomes even more important! And while many of these seem like the smallest of tips; when you add them all up, you’ll actually be saving a ton of space in the end.

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