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Hiring movers vs DIY move

Hiring movers vs DIY move is a difficult choice to make

When preparing for the upcoming move, you are constantly obliged to make important decisions concerning the whole process of relocation. Unsurprisingly, the first dilemma you have to face and solve is related to hiring movers vs DIY move. Even though there are sensible reasons to hire professional movers for the job, a DIY move has its advantages and shouldn’t be underestimated. We are here to help you make the final choice in hiring movers vs DIY move dilemma. Here are a few important things you should pay attention to and consider beforehand.

 Which factors influence your decision concerning hiring movers vs DIY move?

We cannot but admit that every move is different. Some are easy to complete, while others cause serious headaches and stress. When making your decision concerning hiring movers vs DIY move, have some serious thought about the following factors:

  • Your moving budget. – Sometimes it will make any other option different from a DIY move unacceptable. In other circumstances, hiring professionals in this field, like Bluebell Moving and Storage, seems a decision reasonable enough. Why should you go through all that trouble and stress instead of just observing experienced staff perform the move with ease?
Moving budget is important when considering hiring movers vs DIY move
  • The distance of your new home. – It matters a lot whether you are moving just around the corner or across the state lines. The further you go, the more difficult it is to organize the whole endeavor. In case of a local relocation, a DIY move may be a favorable option, but moving long distance or to another state requires trustworthy long distance movers.
  • The difficulty level of your moveIt depends on the number and type of your belongings. Understandably, it is much easier to move an apartment than a big house with several bedrooms. Also, the surrounding may be one of the crucial factors. Are there a lot of stairs, narrow passes, etc? Can you and your friends overcome these obstacles if you decide to opt for a DIY move?
  • Your personality and habits. – Are you really the type that can handle lots of heavy lifting and yet stay concentrated on the whole process at the same time? Have you got enough of helping hands to assist you in this challenge? Do you know how to pack your belongings properly or hiring movers for packing services as well is a much better idea?

Factors in favor of a DIY move when considering hiring movers vs DIY move

Moving is a complicated, time-consuming process that can be very difficult to organize. However, a DIY move has its advantages we shouldn’t underestimate. Here are those that can influence your decision greatly when choosing hiring movers vs DIY move.

You have control over the whole process of relocation

In a DIY move, you are the brains behind the whole process and you have the total control over it. In addition, this also means much bigger responsibility and higher stress level. You need to pack all your items, provide appropriate packing supplies, maneuver, load and unload all your furniture items and make sure nothing is damaged. Besides, you need to decide when the right time to start your move is and find reliable people to help you. If you think this is too overwhelming, hiring movers is a much better option.

You can do the packing the way you want

When preparing for the relocation, you should pack and protect all your items not to get damaged or even destroyed during the move. Everybody knows that. However, contrary to the professional movers’ practice to put all your stuff into sealed and properly labeled boxes, you don’t have to do the packing to this extent. For example, pillows, lamps, blankets, plants don’t have to go into boxes. You can secure them well in the moving truck and they will still be relocated successfully.

A DIY move saves your money

This is definitely true. However, depending on the type of the move, you may not save as much as you would want to. So, calculate your costs well in advance, request a few free quotes from moving companies and see what works for you. The American Moving and Storage Association states that $2,300 is the sum you will have to pay on the average to move a local household. If the cost doesn’t fit your moving budget, go for a DIY move. It may cause you some trouble, but it will leave lots of money in your wallet.

Finances are important when considering hiring movers vs DIY move

Factors in favor of hiring movers when considering hiring movers vs DIY move

Hiring movers for your relocation is highly beneficial if you can and want to spend some money on your move. Here is the explanation why.

Low-stress level

Although a move without stress doesn’t exist in the real world, when hiring movers, the stress level is much lower. You are mostly an observer in the whole process. Also, when something unexpected comes up, you don’t have to think about a solution. Instead, you are offered a multitude of options by your professional movers and you just need to choose those you prefer. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

There is no heavy lifting for you

Instead, professional movers do all the work. If you are not strong enough for carrying heavy items to and from a moving vehicle, or if you haven’t got enough help, this is a valid reason for hiring movers when considering hiring movers vs DIY move.

The move is less time-consuming

It doesn’t take much time to relocate a household with professional movers. They have a deadline determined by the contract and they should respect it at all times. Besides, years of experience make them capable of getting rid of any obstacles that might come up during the relocation process. Wouldn’t it be nice to just concentrate on adjusting to the new neighborhood and let reliable movers deal with the relocation of your items?

Time is an important factor when considering hiring movers vs DIY move.

Making the final decision – hiring movers vs DIY move?

Having considered the pros and cons for each of these options, you should be clear about what the right choice for your move is. When comparing hiring movers vs DIY move, think about your priorities, your willingness to work hard, helping hands you can provide for the move and the time you have to complete the relocation. Finally, if hiring movers is your decision, contact us and we will gladly prove you have made the smartest decision concerning your move.

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