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Post-move paperwork you need to handle

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Moving is difficult. Some people even go so far as to say that it’s one of the most stressful experiences in life. And we get it. Balancing the excitement of moving to your new home and the feeling of dread when you realize how much tasks you need to accomplish before that happens can be a bit overwhelming. This can all lead to a slip-up. For example, while caught up in the daily mix of important daily relocation-related tasks you can easily forget to handle the post-move paperwork. It’s one thing to move to your new home. But it’s a different story altogether if you want to have that fact being mirrored in legal documents. If you want to resolve those pesky documents as soon as possible it’s time to start organizing. So grab your pen and paper and let’s get to work.

Post-move paperwork

Post-move paperwork – where should I start?

We understand that dealing with government bureaucracy can be quite daunting. The list of things you feel like you need to accomplish might seem endless. And waiting in huge lines certainly doesn’t sound appealing. However, you must start somewhere, right? What we recommend is that, just as you would with hiring residential movers NJ, to start planning in advance. There are a couple of things that are a must when dealing with post-move paperwork:

  • dealing with insurance if your belongings where damaged during the move;
  • notifying the Postal service of the change of address;
  • making sure your utilities and bills are paid for;
  • collecting all your:
    • medical documents;
    • vet documents;
    • educational documents.

So you’ve just moved, now what?

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One of the first things you want to check when you move to your new house is your belongings. Make sure that no damage occurred during transport. Hopefully, you’ve followed our guide on how to label moving boxes, and you have marked all your fragile belongings appropriately. However, sometimes that is not enough. Sometimes you take all the necessary precautions and the damage on your belongings still occurs. In that case, once you have successfully moved to your new home we recommend that you contact your insurance company so you can get proper compensation. So if there would be one key takeaway from this whole article it would be this. Make sure to contact your insurance company and notify them about the move. Make sure you have an insurance policy on all your belongings that are being transported so you can get the rightful compensation if something bad happens.

Post-move paperwork: notify the Postal service

Continuing on the topic of useful paperwork that needs to be taken care of, we also recommend that you notify the Postal service of the change of address. Even if it would take you a day to do so. It will save you a lot of inconvenience down the road. Court hearings, utility bills, and every other official document will be sent to your old address if you forget to notify them about your relocation. This can cause a lot of unnecessary stress months and even years after the move has already happened. So if you want to have a stress-free move, make sure to notify the Postal office for the change of address! Oh, this reminds us…

Don’t forget to pay all your utilities!

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Nobody wants to move to a new home only to find that a very unwanting atmosphere. No heating, no power, no warm water, and no electricity. If you do not want this to be you, don’t forget to take care of all your utility bills. Contact the electricity, gas, water, telephone, and internet companies and make sure you either keep subscribing to their services, or make sure to terminate them if you do not need them.  You do not want to get billed for something that you won’t use. So, be smart and make contacting the utility companies your priority.

Post-move paperwork: making sure you have everything ready

If you have already taken care of the above mentioned post-move paperwork everything that remains is to make sure that you have all your personal documents with you. Your medical documents, education documents, and your vet documents. Now while this is entirely an optional step, you do not want to be the person who doesn’t have these documents on them when the need for them arises. So make sure you have everything ready before you have already moved. We are going to mention, however, that these documents are not necessarily readily available. You might have to wait for them even for multiple days on end. The more reason to make sure that this is all sorted out before you actually start moving. Since not having the right paperwork can be one of the things that can go wrong when moving.

In conclusion

Moving in-and-of-itself can be very tough and complex. So, forgetting to sort out your post-move paperwork can happen. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it.  Actually, you must do it. For example, imagine a situation where you have a court hearing and they keep sending you the call for your hearing on your old address. If the Court can’t find you on your old address they will ask for the police to start looking for you. Which nobody wants. So be conscientious about your paperwork and make sure everything is up to date. We have experienced a lot of these situations before and that’s why we here at Bluebell Moving and Storage, decided to write an article to help you get past those inconveniences. So hopefully, after reading this article, we managed to do just that.

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