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Situated in New Jersey Elizabeth is an exciting environment for education, entertainment, and business. Its prime location only 15 minutes away from New York City, it has many pros. If you are thinking about moving to Elizabeth, take a moment to inform on all the city has to offer. From the cost of living, education, and employment, you will find out everything you need to know about living in this area before hiring Elizabeth movers for your relocation.

Climate won’t be an issue when you’re moving to Elizabeth

With distinctive four seasons, here you can enjoy warm summers and snowy winters. The hottest month is July averaging around 90 degrees, while the coldest is January with averaging 20 degrees. Up to an average of 30 to 35-inches of snow falls annually, there is a lot of driveway shoveling.

As for the spring and fall, the city’s climate begins to drop and rise respectively. Cooler temperatures coming in during September, October and November and warmer, sunny days during March, April, and May. This is the most convenient time for moving to Elizabeth. Still, the spring is the peak of the moving season, so make sure to book good eviction movers NJ has to offer at least a few months in advance.

The job market in Elizabeth

As an Urban Enterprise Zone, this city promotes economic growth and development. The noted $1.5 billion dollars in economic development keeps locals hopeful, while the unemployment rate floats at 12.7 percent.

The major governmental influence of the city, which is the Union County seat, sustains hundreds of jobs.  That was the case even during the recession, making administration a favorable and stable career choice in the area.

For the ones who find themselves in the retail sector, there is the largest outlet mall in the state. Jersey Gardens Mall has constant openings for all kinds of positions.

There are also many incentives for business owners. Through the Urban Enterprise Zone, the sales tax is only 3.5 percent, which is half of the state average of 7%. More than 1,000 area businesses are participating in the program, making it a very frugal ground for the progress. If you plan to pack your office for relocation to Elizabeth, this might be a very smart move for your business.

Either way, the chances are you will easily and quickly find a new job in this city.

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Before moving to Elizabeth, determine is it affordable to you

If you’re moving to Elizabeth from another state, you should count on the fact that it will be an expensive adventure. Hiring long distance movers NJ will certainly take a big piece of your budget, but it will ensure a completely stress-free move.

While you should always strive to stay in your moving budget limits, even more, important thing is to explore the living costs in Elizabeth. There’s no point in moving to a place that is unaffordable to you.

The statistic shows the median family income of $44,520, and the median home price is around $170,000. While these numbers might look favorable, the actual cost of living in Elizabeth is 9.1% greater than the state average. In fact, it is also 39.8% greater than the national average.

Wall Street in New York

However, while the livelihood has a costly price tag, the workers are having bigger incomes that in the rest of New Jersey municipalities.

While the utility costs vary greatly on usage, the monthly estimate of its costs goes around $300 per two to a three-person household for electric, gas, and water.

Regarding housing, the average cost of a one-bedroom rental in the city could cost as low as $800 or as high as $2,000, depending on luxury and location.

Culture and entertainment options

With the affordability as one of the major issues out of the way, let’s take a peek on Elizabeth’s leisure options.
Since its proximity, New York City is in the palm of your hand. By being the melting pot of cultures and ethnicity, the Big Apple has so much to provide in the form of entertainment. Many historic sites, museums, exhibits, performances, vibrant nightlife, top theaters, stadiums, shopping districts and many more. Any type of fun activity you want, New York will serve it on the silver plate.

Still, Elizabeth itself also has much to offer, and it is also close to top-rated tourist attractions in New Jersey. There are truly plenty to do here, with the addition of great surroundings and unique architecture. With many landmarks and sites, restaurants, shops, bars and outdoor activities, you will surely find the entertainment by your liking.

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The top attractions in Elizabeth include:

  • Ritz Theatre – A multipurpose, functional venue that operates as a performing arts center.
  • Boxwood Hall – The residence of Elias Boudinot, dating from around 1750, is one of Elizabeth’s most famous landmarks.
  • The Mills at Jersey Gardens – With shoppers traveling great lengths for a visit, this is New Jersey’s largest outlet and value retail center. It features a spectrum of stores including high-end boutiques and low-price markets. The Mills at Jersey Gardens offers transportation services to different parts of New Jersey and New York to fit the demand of guests from other areas.
  • Warinanco Park – Beautiful rural and relaxing ambiance that provides plenty of outdoor opportunities.
  • Danz Studio – offers unique and eccentric dance classes, for people of all ages.

While some locals prefer to stay in the area for a good time, others like to visit Jersey Shore. Having miles of beach and sand in the proximity is another perk that moving to Elizabeth provides. If the New York or Atlantic City aren’t your cup of tea, Philadelphia and Boston are a few hours away.


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