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Moving to Charlotte from NJ

Moving to Charlotte from NJ

Moving is one of those experiences in life that is both equally exciting and terrifying. Especially so, when you decide to move someplace that you expect a lot from. That’s why moving to Charlotte from NJ can be such a nerve-racking ordeal. However, we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. What if we told you that moving can be quite a pleasant experience?  That’s exactly what Bluebell Relocation Services NJ is all about! Providing high-quality affordable moving services to make your move hassle-free. We say no more to lugging around those pesky heavy moving boxes! Enough with the stress of always having someplace to be, and someone to see. It’s time to put all that behind you. So, give us a call, and let’s get going. 

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Why should I be Moving to Charlotte from NJ?

New research suggests that people are fleeing from New Jersey and New York to more affordable places. It’s a simple fact of life that middle-class hard-working folks have a hard time finding a job in this heavily competitive environment. And even if they do, the cost of living is so high that it doesn’t provide for a sustainable way of living.

So with that in mind, the above-mentioned title becomes superfluous. The question of why should I be moving to Charlotte from NJ is not the correct one. Rather, it should be, where should I be moving to from NJ? Now to that question we might have an answer. And you’ve probably guessed it – Charlotte, North Carolina

Moving to Charlotte from NJ

Charlotte, North Carolina

Let us preface this article with the following. Moving to Charlotte from NJ really isn’t any different from any other move. Sure, there will be some quirks to adjust to. But in the broad domain of what needs to get accomplished in your moving timeline, no major changes should occur. There really isn’t a special moving prerequisite to be accomplished if you decide to move to Charlotte. 

Make sure you respect all the moving timelines by being organized and productive. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn more about Charlotte, and how it differs from NJ. At least, so you know what to expect. 

Fun things to do in Charlotte

As we have mentioned above, New Jersey is losing people’s interest. A lot of them are trying to find a new place to call home. A more affordable home. And that’s exactly where Charlotte comes into play. You see, it has a unique blend of culture, history, culinary experiences that might just pique your interest. 

So here’s a list of all the fun things you can do in Charlotte. 

History & Tours

If you want to learn the beautiful, riveting and engaging history of Charlotte, you definitely need to check these places out.

  • The Charlotte Museum of History. There’s really no way going around it. This place is the best source if you want to learn about the local history of Charlotte. This little gem is tightly packed with beautiful paintings, photography exhibits and a beautiful choreographed guided history tour that you should not miss! 
  • President James K. Polk State Historic Site. If you ever saw the picture of this building you might be inclined to skip the tour. However, we would strongly advise against that. You see, while the building of this historic site is in-and-of-itself scarce, small and minor, the tour and curation you get is anything but that. It is well worth checking out. 
  • Reed Gold Mine. If you are interested in the history of nations’ first gold discovery in 1799 than the Reed Gold Mine should definitely be on top of your list. Plus it’s free, so there’s really no excuse for you not to go. 

Moving to Charlotte from NJ – will I get the stomach bug? 

When people are moving from NJ to NC, we often hear concerns about the food. Will we like it? Do they have a diverse meal selection? Well, we come bearing good news! The food in Charlotte is excellent! Not only the quality of it, but also it’s diversity. You can visit restaurants, of James Beard-nominated chefs for sophisticated meals. Feast on America’s greatest classics at Price’s Chicken Coop. Or are if you’re a vegan checking out the places like the Fern and Bean Vegan Cuisine should be on top of your list.


So at the end of the day, to answer the question of whether you will get the stomach bug, the answer is no. There are a plethora of high – quality diverse meals that will keep you stuffed for a long, long time!

Family-friendly fun activities

Charlotte also doesn’t hold back on all the fun activities you can have with your family. For example, visiting the Discovery Place Science will definitely get your kid’s wheels turning about the things you are going to see. Nature exhibits, marine life, coupled with lectures (in a fun way) about physics, the human body, dinosaurs, and so much more. Are bound to be the topic of dinner discussions for weeks to come! 

However, Discovery Place Science is not the only place you can bring your kids. Charlotte is gem-filled with such tours. Places like Camp Snoopy, Ray’s Splash Planet, Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, are all awesome places to bring your kids to. Who knows, you might learn a thing or two yourself. 

Moving to Charlotte from NJ – In conclusion

So, as you have seen moving to Charlotte from NJ is as easy as pie. All you need to do is hire a moving company that offers high quality moving services, and you are all set! Now, that you have all that free time on your hands, it’s time to explore all the fun things in Charlotte and enjoy your day. 

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