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Your week to week moving timeline

you need a calendar for your moving timeline

Are you planning on relocating in a short time period? Then there is a lot to go through! From packing supplies and moving guides, over eviction movers NJ and other professionals to actually moving day, a lot of time will pass! To get everything in order, you should create a week to week moving timeline! However, if this is your first time moving, this might not be so easy! Luckily, we are here to help! In this article, we take a look at everything that needs to happen in the time from finding out you need to move to the moving day!

Your moving timeline starts two months before the moving day

Furniture movers NJ and other experts say that you need about two months to properly move a home. Sometimes, you will not be able to do this. In these cases, you will need to rush and push everything in a smaller time window. Otherwise, feel free to start planning as soon as you know your moving date! In the first two weeks, you will need to create a moving folder where you will keep all your paperwork. This is where you will also keep your moving timeline and checklist, as well as everything that you do not want to lose. This can either be online or as a hard copy.

a binder and a notebook

Spend the next two weeks looking for a moving company. Get some moving estimates and compare to get the best choice. You will also want to request some time off work in advance, as well as start planning to move your kids’ school. All of this can take time – so it’s important to start early. Finally, start planning how you will move your items. Organizing a garage sale to get rid of unwanted stuff is not a bad idea either. Only then can you start getting your packing supplies and slowly packing things you use the least.

The month before the moving day

Four weeks after you start into your moving timeline, things can start getting hectic. Stay level-headed and you will beat anything! Start this time by requesting moving insurance. To do this, talk with your moving company. You can see what they have to offer, but also confirm the moving date you already set up. Then, start collecting all the necessary documents you will need. This includes copies of your IDs, medical records, school transcripts, etc. You will want all of this with you in your new home.

a lightbulb

The two weeks before your moving date are the perfect time to cancel your utilities and set them up in your new home. You will want your house warm when you arrive there! It’s time to do the finishing touches with the packing and getting rid of food in your fridge. Forward your mail on the USPS website and get the finishing touches while you wait for your moving company!

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