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How to Transport a Motorcycle

Transport a motorcycle without problem! Get the right equipment and extra pair of hands!

One of the most efficient ways to get about everywhere is by traveling with a motorcycle. What attracts most of the people to buy a motorcycle? It’s the freedom that they feel while they are riding this powerful machine. However, if you are preparing for the relocation and you need someone to transport a motorcycle, your best bet is to hire a professional mover and get their auto shipping services. They will transport a motorcycle securely and safely whether you are moving locally or preparing for the long-distance move.

Transport A Motorcycle – DIY vs. Hiring a Professional Mover

Of course, you won’t be able to ride your bike all the time. If you are preparing for the relocation process, it may not be practical to drive your motorcycle, especially if you possess other vehicles as well. In this case, you should consider hiring professional long-distance movers NJ and let them take care of your powerful machine. Now, if you want to know how can you prepare and transport your motorcycle by yourself, you should follow these steps:

  • Get the Right Equipment
  • Load Your Motorcycle
  • Secure Your Motorcycle

Get The Right Equipment

No matter what kind of vehicle you are using to transport your motorcycle, there are some essential pieces of equipment that will ensure safe loading and transport of your powerful machine. If you don’t have the right equipment, you’ll most likely hurt yourself or cause some damage to your bike when you attempt to load and secure your motorcycle. You will need:

  • Loading Ramp. Use this ramp and ensure safe loading for your bike and yourself too. If you want to load your bike into the truck, trailer or van, and avoid wooden planks to bend, bow or sink, you should use a loading ramp. This will prevent your bike from tripping and falling during the loading.
  • Ratchet Straps. Use these to secure the bike during the transit.
  • Chocks. Use these in front and behind the tires. This will prevent the bike from moving during transport.
  • Canyon Dancer Bar harness. Secure the handlebars of your bike with the harness.
  • Find someone to help. Since securing and loading a motorcycle is not as easy as you think, you should ask a friend or two for the assistance.

If you possess a lot of bulky items, you should prepare yourself by reading, how to move large items with ease, guide! There is nothing worse than not preparing enough when moving large items.


Load Your Motorcycle

Even though loading your motorcycle into the moving tuck sound so simple, it really isn’t! The process of loading your motorcycle actually offers a lot of opportunities for your bike to be damaged. Lifting and loading a bike into the moving truck on your own can also cause injuries on your back, neck or limbs. In order to avoid moving injuries, you should ask friends for help and:

  • Secure the Ramp. Prevent the ramp from stripping under the weight of the motorcycle. The ramp comes with the rubber end on the van and metal end on the ground. It also has a hook that you should fasten a ratchet strap to. Fasten the other end to the back of the van too.
  • Put Bike Into Neutral. In order to roll your bike up the ramp, you will have to put it in the neutral.
  • Ask a friend for help. Ready to load up? One person should stay up, pulling the handlebars while the other one should be behind, pushing the bike up. Be sure to keep your bike stable and steady all the time. If your friends went through the moving process too, they probably know how to help someone who’s moving! You can rely on your friends!
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Secure And Transport a Motorcycle Safely

When you load your motorcycle into the moving truck, van or trailer you will have to secure it for the transport. If the motorcycle isn’t properly secured, it will move, shift and cause damage to everything that’s traveling with it. Secure your bike with:

  • Kickstand Up. If the kickstands are down, your bike might suffer a significant amount of damage during the transport. The bike should always be transported upright and supported by the straps.
  • Be sure that chocks are in the place. Put chocks in front of the front wheel and behind the back one in order to prevent your bike from moving or rocking.
  • Attach the Canyon Dancer harness. To secure your bike properly, you should attach canyon dancer harness to the bike and ratchet straps to the harness.
  • Ratchet Straps. After you attach one of the ratchet straps to each side of the harness and affix to the floor of the van you should tighten them up to be sure that bike won’t move during the transport.
  • Soft Loop Strap. This soft loop strap is specially designed to go over the motorcycle without causing any damage to it. However, if you want, for extra protection, you can put a blanket or rug between the strap and the bike.

Move With Reliable Moving Company

It’s highly recommended to hire a professional mover to relocate your motorcycle and the rest of your belongings. Professional Blue Bell Moving & Storage has well-trained workers and years of experience in the moving industry. They are also offering auto shipping services just for you! You should call your professional mover and ask for their auto shipping services. If you hire Blue Bell Moving & Storage professionals, they will make your move fast and efficient!

You can decide now! Do you want to transport a motorcycle on your own or you would rather hire professionals to transport your bike instead of you? The choice is yours! We wish you all the best and safe relocation!


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