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How to pack your kitchen for moving

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When it comes to moving preparations, there are many things one needs to do. No matter how small the house is, there is still a lot of work to do. Each room requires a special approach since it contains a different kind of items. For example, in order to pack your kitchen for moving, you will have to obtain many moving boxes of different sizes to make sure that everything will fit. And in order to help you organize this relocation better, we’ve compiled a list of practical pieces of advice. Hopefully, they’ll be of use to you especially when packing fragile items.

Sorting comes first

to pack your kitchen for moving, don't pack eggs

The process usually begins with making a selection of things you want to pack and those that won’t find their place inside the boxes. If you look more thoroughly, you will definitely find some articles that you should not bring with you. For instance, if there is some leftover food, don’t even think for a second – throw it away. Besides, food is one of those things that most movers would recommend you not to pack. Especially those that are particularly temperature sensitive. So, forget about packing:

  • Eggs
  • Opened bottles and packages of beverage
  • Frozen food that’s also been opened
  • Uneaten snacks

Checking kitchen cabinets

In order to make sure that you check everything, do open each and every kitchen cabinet. Also, check the pantry if you have it. If you are like most people, it will contain a large number of long-forgotten canned food, or some unpacked dishes and utensils. When you find something like that, and they are in a good state, put them on the list. The list will be your best friend while preparing your kitchen for moving. It will help you keep track of every item that you’ll bring with you.

If you don’t know what to do with the rest of the food you haven’t eaten, it will mostly depend on how much of those there are. For instance, if you are employing moving professionals, you can use some of those to prepare meals for them. They will definitely appreciate it and you won’t feel bad for throwing such a large quantity of food. Or you can donate some food to homeless shelters, or to Red Cross, or any other institution you find appropriate.

Get all the necessary packing supplies

To pack your kitchen for moving easier, you will need some help. That help comes in the form of a different kind of packing supplies. Each of them will have a specific role. So, get as many as you can and make sure to use them wisely. But if for some reasons you are not so certain about your packing skills, you can always consider hiring professionals to provide you with the best packing services. That way you will definitely know that your items will be properly packed and you won’t have to lose your precious time.

For your kitchen you will need:

  1. Packing boxes in many sizes.
  2. Cell kits
  3. Packing paper and bubble wrap
  4. Sealing Tape
  5. Markers

Each packing supply to its own


The reason you need many different moving boxes is that not all the items in your kitchen are of the same size. Therefore, use the smallest size of the box to pack light items. It can include kitchenware or some smaller-sized appliances.

For pots, pans, pantry items, etc., that come in a larger dimension, make sure to use somewhat larger boxes. Remember, the box is large enough if you can close it without a problem. Cell kits are extremely useful in case you have some glasses or bottles of wine to pack. They will nicely divide these items among themselves thus reducing the chances of something getting broken during transportation. When you’re done with packing all of the items inside boxes, don’t forget to seal them right. Use the packing tape and don’t miss the spot. After that, take the markers to clearly label each and every box. It will help you so much when unpacking to know which box contains what kind of items.

Pay attention to fragile items

If you are one of those who was not looking forward to packing their kitchen, don’t worry. You’re not alone in this. One of the reasons why it will be a bit tricky to pack your kitchen for moving is because it contains all those things that can easily get broken. So, you need to pay a lot of attention. Plus, you will need to arm yourself with patience. These can’t be packed otherwise. That is, you can, but you’re risking seeing your things half broken or damaged by the end of the relocation.

So, prepare as much of packing paper and bubble wraps as possible. These are mostly used for glasses, dishes, vases and everything else you are afraid that might get broken. Take these supplies and carefully wrap the items we mentioned. After that, place them slowly inside boxes. But if you’re wondering what to do with the empty space inside a box, you can easily solve that problem, too. Just take some newspaper, and fill those corners.

Packing appliances

Believe it or not, this will be a less problematic part of your relocation. But to pack your kitchen for moving, you will also need to go through it as well. In order to prepare the appliances, you will first need to empty all of them. Then, make sure you clean them right. It will be much easier afterward. One of the final steps will be to get the original packaging if you still have them. If not, that’s alright. It will be enough to get any other box in that size and to do a lot of wrapping to secure them additionally. In case there are some smaller parts, pack them separately. Just be sure to pay attention to take the necessary moving precautions when moving appliances in order to avoid injuries.

As you can see, it is manageable to pack your kitchen for moving when following these pieces of advice. It is just necessary to be systematic, and have quality moving supplies.

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