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How to pack fragile items for relocation?

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While you’re moving, there will be more than a few tasks you need to complete for a successful relocation. And while that is true – there is one that particularly sticks out: packing. If you put a lot of effort and plan your packing process well enough, the physical task will be a mere formality. But otherwise, packing fragile items can basically be living hell. Don’t worry, though – our professional movers have a few very nifty tips to help you out with this task; so read on and enjoy!

Packing fragile items can be complicated

If we’re being honest – packing is definitely a process most people underestimate. Quite simply, it seems like something anyone can do easily. But when you actually have to start packing fragile items; you’ll soon find yourself looking for moving FAQs online. Also, unfortunately – many of those who are relocating realize that packing is difficult far too late. And at that point – correcting mistakes can be hard, because you may have already damaged some of your precious items. Because of that – we want you to learn this the easy way.

Know precisely what you’ll be packing

Before you move onto the minutiae of packing fragile items; having all of the crucial information is important. With that, you’ll be able to further plan the packing of your easily damaged goods and the rest of your household. So, to begin with – start working on a household inventory. And while you’re at it, make sure you’re not doing this half-heartedly. Go through the entirety of your house, from top to bottom – and make a list of all of the things you’ll be relocating to your new household. If you do that right, you’ll quickly know how much space you need; so you can find storage services on time if you have to.

At this point, it’s a good idea to make a specific note about which of these items are particularly fragile. Obviously, those will require more effort to pack than the other things, so you’ll need to pay more attention while handling them. If you’re moving any easily breakable electronics, fragile lamps, or flatscreen TVs; know that you’ll have to be more careful with them.

A laptop, something to pack while packing fragile items.

Make sure you have enough time

If you’re finished your home inventory successfully, you have a rough idea of what items you’ll have to watch out for; you know what to expect. Finally, you can proceed to start packing them. But in this process, there’s something you should realize as soon as possible; packing fragile items will take more time than you believe. Which is why we definitely don’t recommend leaving this chore for the final few days before moving day. With that in mind – know that timing this right won’t be easy. On one hand, you need many of your things for daily use; but on the other, you don’t want to pack everything in the last second. Obviously, packing everything weeks before the move isn’t feasible.

Don’t worry, though – there is a middle ground sort of solution. Firstly, go through the nifty inventory that you’ve worked on; it’ll be quite useful right about now. Then, think about which of these household items you won’t need in the weeks leading up to moving day; or which you simply can’t live without. After that, you can start packing up the less needed things in stages. And as time rolls onwards towards the day of your relocation, you can pack the rest as well. That way, by the time your movers come to ship everything to your new home; you’ll really only have a few essentials left to deal with. Believe us on this – there’s no easier way to pack everything safely and stress-free.

A woman making notes in a calendar.

You’ll need extra space

While you’re looking for advice on packing online, there’s the one you’ll commonly encounter; to pack everything to the brim. There’s a certain logic to that; regardless of how someone handles the boxes, if they’re completely full – nothing will rattle around or break apart. And sure, that’s fine when you’re packing usual things; but when you’re packing fragile items, this is really bad advice.

Think about breakable things like LCD screens or really thin lamps; these have badly awkward shapes when it comes to packing. So, while you do need to box them up; they can’t really go with usual boxes that house day-to-day items. In reality, the truly breakable items may require separate containers – and make sure to use a lot of packing protection while you’re at it.


A moving box with the word 'fragile' written on the side - packing fragile items 101
Don’t forget to distinctly mark the fragile boxes!


Use the proper materials

While we’re on the subject of containers and packing protection; using quality packing materials is crucial when it comes to packing fragile items. Sure, when you pack everyday stuff, some lesser quality supplies will do the trick; especially if you’re on a budget. But for your breakables, you’ll need to be more thoughtful:

  • Protection while packing fragile items – Sure, less important things may be moved will crumpled paper or other cheap kinds of packing protection. But for breakables, use quality packing foam.
  • Sturdy moving boxes – When it comes to boxes, make sure you get sturdy ones. You definitely don’t want to risk them ripping during the move.
  • Labeling – After you finish the packing, remember to mark the boxes containing fragile items. Use bright stickers, markers, basically whatever will make them stand out. That way, your movers will know that they’re handling particularly fragile things, that require more attention.

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