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How to make your apartment pet-friendly

make your apartment pet-friendly

The best part about moving to a new place is getting to make it feel like home. Once the hard part of the entire relocation process is over, and your movers Newark NJ leave your apartment building, the fun begins. Now, it may not seem like it when you have a bunch of boxes in the apartment. On top of it all, if you have a pet, it’s going to take a little while longer to unpack and settle in. But, where’s the rush? Take as much time as you need to slowly decorate the apartment how you want it to look. Moreover, if you want to make your apartment pet-friendly, continue reading! We have a few useful tips on how you can easily decorate the apartment according to the needs of your furry friend. So, let’s get started!

tabby cat next to a puppy

Make your apartment pet-friendly in a few simple steps

Of course, you want your home to be comfortable for all that are living in it. Including animals! If you take some time and provide them with a safe and cozy space, they will feel right at home. A new environment might be a little strange to them at first, and it’ll be a while before they are completely comfortable in your new apartment. There are a bunch of new scents that they aren’t used to, and they’ll probably want to sniff and get to know every single corner of the apartment. Therefore, the first thing to remember is to give them some time to explore and don’t try to force anything on them right away.

Since everything is new to your pets in the apartment, they should have at least something that they recognize. If you can, transport their old bed to the new place. It’s their safe spot, and they will be happy to know that they have a familiar bed to sleep in. In case you have cats, and you want to transport their jungle gym, always let your furniture movers NJ know in advance. Some of these can’t be disassembled and fall into the bulky category. This is one of the pieces that you should definitely move with you if you’re moving with pets!

dalmatian on a pet bed

Ways to adapt your apartment for your cats and dogs

Sometimes, you will need to make additional effort to make your apartment pet-friendly. Even though it is rare, some apartments will have a balcony, patio, or a small backyard. If you’re one of the lucky ones to have an outdoor space to lounge it, make sure your pets can access it as well. Installing a doggy door will allow them to get outside even when you’re not at home! Also, you can keep a cat litter box outside, so it doesn’t leave any odors in your apartment. Having easy access to the patio will give them more opportunity to roam around and have fun while you’re not at home.

Section off the rooms you don’t want them to come into

Some pet owners don’t like it when dogs or cats get into their bedrooms or the kitchen. If you want to make sure they stay off the bed, keep the doors closed, or even locked. Little rascals can learn how to open doors and get into rooms they know they are usually not allowed to! When you’re moving with pets, you disrupt their regular routine and they can get a little mischievous. Especially when they are in a new home and still don’t know the boundaries. In case you do not have locks on some of the doors, you can easily install a child lock or a baby gate to keep them out of a certain area.

Hide your trash and their food as well

Anyone who’s ever lived with a dog or a cat knows how easily they can find their food. Their sense of smell is so much stronger than ours, and they’re able to find food no matter where you hide it. If you don’t want to come home to an overturned trash can or spilled bag of kibble, keep it in a secure spot. Preferably in a room with a lock that you are sure they can’t get into. Another good spot is underneath the kitchen sink, but only if you are positive your pets haven’t learned how to open cabinet doors. Don’t forget to secure the trash cans in other rooms as well, such as your bedroom and bathroom. Moreover, try to empty them all before leaving the apartment, so they have nothing to rummage through!

person feeding a cat

Careful decorating can make your apartment pet-friendly

There are certain things you simply cannot have in your apartment when you have pets. Items such as fragile vases or sculptures will easily break during playtime. It would be a shame to get help from reliable movers NJ and have them safely transport these fragile items, only to have them break later on. This goes for expensive furniture as well. Don’t invest a lot of money in something you know will get ruined in a few years! Also, pets usually shed a lot. Therefore, pick the colors that won’t show the hair or dirt as much. If you really want to, you can get rid of your rugs as well, since it’ll be a bit of a hassle to vacuum all the hair.

Either way, you will learn how to make your apartment pet-friendly over time as well. If you’re not sure which of these things you’ll need to do right away, don’t worry! Every pet is different and has different needs. Pay attention to what they need and act accordingly. Most of all, have fun and keep the barking and meowing to a minimum!

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