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How to include your kids in the unpacking process

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So, your things have arrived at your new home, and you are just unpacking away to finalize your move. If you were using some of the professional packing services NJ has to offer, all the boxes will be nicely labeled which does make this process a bit easier. Arranging your new place with your things is always exciting, but what happens when you have children? If this is the case, there is a chance this task will be dragged for days. But only if you don’t include your kids in the unpacking process. They can be your little helpers and even the smallest tasks will occupy their attention, allowing you to complete this process much quicker.

Good reasons to include your kids in the unpacking process

If you decided that hiring NJ to PA movers was the great decision for your relocation and you are satisfied with their service, you can consider enlisting their unpacking services as well. Of course, this additional cost might isn’t in your budget, so you did opt-out for a DIY option.

With the help of your children, you can manage it on your own just fine.

If you’re thinking is it a good idea to include your kids in the unpacking process, see the reasons why it can be beneficial:

  • They will feel important – Your kids didn’t have a choice when moving is in question. Even if they were on board with it, they still weren’t in control. By including them in unpacking will give back a bit of that control. They will feel as equal family members whose opinions and actions have true value.
  • It will raise their sense of responsibility – Unpacking can be an excellent opportunity to increase your kid’s responsibility. Explain to them that the tasks they are in charge of are very important for the whole process. Even if that’s just some busy-work, layout the tasks in this manner. When they think that crucial tasks are their responsibility, they will put extra effort in its realization.
  • Your kids will be occupied at all times – When children don’t have anything to do, they are prone to mischief. Empty boxes and packing materials will only entice their imagination, and they can make your unpacking process very chaotic. If you give them some tasks, they will focus all of the attention on their completion.
  • It will boost their confidence – Being in charge of some unpacking tasks will give your kids sense that you believe in their capabilities. Hence, they will be more confident by your trust in them.
Child playing with tap - Include your kids in the unpacking process and avoid similar stations

Motivate your kids to help with the unpacking

When you’re moving to Jersey City with kids or in any other place, it will be a big shook for your children.
It is quite possible that your kids will be reluctant to help you with unpacking. As it can seem boring to them, you will have to motivate them properly. How will you do it varies depending on the age of your children’s ages. After all, building a fort out of empty boxes will be very amusing for a small child, but quite uninteresting for the teenager.

However, you can make your children partake in the moving activities. As being their parents, you’ll know the best what makes them tick and how to spark their motivation.

Kids of different ages require a different approach

Children under 7 years old will generally not be able to take part in a lot of unpacking choirs.
But changing everything into a game will make them more eager to do the ones they can. With a little bit of creativity, your child will look forward to being part of the process.

Another thing you can do is set a timeframe for unpacking and announce that if you manage to honor it there will be a treat – pizza, ice cream, dinner in their favorite kiddy place, or a reward in a form of a new toy.

Motivating the late-preteens will be a bit trickier task. While the pizza dinner might do the trick, the older ones can prove to be a tougher nut to crack.

However, there is something you can offer them to sweeten the deal – the liberty to decorate their room. Give them the freedom to arrange their space as they see fit, and they will be happy to start unpacking boxes. Of course, in reason and as long as there are no safety hazards.


Moody teenagers are the toughest crowd to motivate. As they probably keep a grudge from moving long distance in the first place, they will probably dismiss all your suggestions. Since you are their parent you can order them to help, but it will be very contra-productive. You will always catch more bees with honey and positive reinforcement. Offer them complete freedom in arranging their rooms. If you are buying new furniture, let them decide which one they like.

In the case this doesn’t work you can always lure them with more TV or social media time, or even increasing their weekly allowance by a few dollars.

Before you include your kids in the unpacking process, there are a few things to consider

Now that you know how to make your children help out, there are still some things you have to think about. At the strong first place is their safety.

Keep very young children away from any sharp items or choking hazards. Also, you have to make sure preteens and teens don’t have access to sharp items and tools they might play with and get hurt.

Secondly, when you figure out how to include your kids in the unpacking process safely, don’t put an unrealistic expectation on them. As they don’t have the stamina or strength that you will have, set frequent breaks and treat to boost their energy.

Mother and child

Also, be understanding of their feelings. As this may be a fresh start, it is the end of their old life as they knew it. Since moving is tough for kids, they will be on the roller coaster of emotions.

It is quite possible that unpacking their stuff will remind them of that fact. If you see that your child is getting sad, don’t dismiss their feelings. Talk and hug them, making them sure it is ok to feel this way.

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