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Moving to Jersey City with kids

The skyline you will see after moving to Jersey City with kids

They say that moving is often hard – and you might agree. But you have seen nothing yet until you need to move with your kids. Moving to Jersey City with kids is not only challenging, but it can often be draining and exhausting. On top of all the things you need to think about – packing, paperwork and getting professional Jersey City movers to help you – you also need to pay attention to your little ones. However, with proper preparation and some forethought, this tough process can be done! You still shake your head in disbelief and wonder how? Then this article is just for you! Read on to find out more!

Talk to your kids about the move

The first thing you need to do is to discuss the move with them. Many parents often fear their reactions and the backlash that will follow, but this is an important step when moving to Jersey City with kids. The moment you know you are moving, or you are looking into finding great moving services NJ is the moment you should be talking to your kids about it.

a dad and a daughter

This way, everyone will have just enough time to think about the idea. They might need to sleep on it and process everything. However, there is a fine line that you need to thread here. Yes, moving is a big change, and it will be stressful for your children. Still, you should not just let them throw tantrums and cry about it. They will be upset – so you will need to try and see the world from their perspective. New locations mean they are losing the friends they have and the things they know. Understanding this will help you talk to them about it and in this way – help them cope with the move.

Nevertheless, your children need to understand that the move is happening. In other words, you do need to be understanding – but also firm in your decision. Only by finding the right balance between these two will you succeed in moving to Jersey City with kids.

Before moving to Jersey City with kids, explore the area

One of the ways in which you can help your kids cope with the moving stress is to explore the area and the city itself. Jersey City is huge, and there is a lot to see and do here. The population is around 250,000 people, so your kids are sure to make friends fast. There are also around 40 schools to pick from for them, so moving to Jersey City with kids is a huge opportunity for everyone.

lady liberty

There are many ways in which you can also excite them about the city. New York City is nearby, and Jersey City and the Big Apple share the Ellis Island where Lady Liberty sits. There are also many museums and theaters that you can visit together, including the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal, the Interpretive Center and Liberty Science Center. If they enjoy art, then the Jersey City Museum, Mana Contemporary, and the Museum of Russian Art are the right place for them.

What’s more, you should also think about their hobbies. If they are a part of a scout group, then talk to their leader about chapters in Jersey City. The same goes for any after school activity! As we mentioned, Jersey City is big. Whatever their hobbies and skills are, they will be able to pursue them further here!

Packing might be an issue when moving to Jersey City with kids

One of the things that you might find hard dealing with during your Jersey City move with kids is packing. Packing, as an activity in itself, is often hard. It just takes too much of your time! You need to go through each item in your home and decide whether it stays with you or it’s time to let it go. Now, add to that the emotional connection that your children have with some of these items and toys, and you have yourself quite a commotion.

That’s why it’s important for your kids to understand that they cannot take everything with them. Sometimes during a move, your kids might even need to share a room in Jersey City, which, again, might seem like an issue. All these types of downsizing your home will mean that your children are parting with things they don’t want to part with. However, it’s your job to ensure this happens. Be upfront about it, and let them sort out their toys and items. Then, start exploring where they can give their toys away. Knowing that kids in need will be able to play with their toys might be helpful in this process.

kids with a teddy bear

Afterward, all you need to do is call professional packing services NJ. They will carefully pack up your belongings and get them ready for transport. This way, you are saving valuable time – which you can spend with your kids. Having this time to offer them support is beneficial during the moving period.


To conclude, there are just a couple more activities that your kids will need to do. Just like you will be saying goodbye to your friends, your kids will need to say goodbye too. Maybe you can host a goodbye party where they can have a blast and have fun with all their friends and neighbors. If you are moving over the summer holidays, this might be easy – but finding the right time can sometimes prove hard. Still, it’s important to do this when moving to Jersey City with kids, because it will be something great they will remember!

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