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How do you pack liquids for moving?

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When you think about your relocation, probably the first thing it came to your mind is all the packing ahead of you. Packing is the inevitable process of each moving endeavor. It is boring and tiresome at times, but you must do it right. Even more, if you possess a lot of chemicals and liquids that you want to relocate. Those can make a big mess and to raise a health and environment issue if not handled properly. Therefore, we bring you a simple guide on how to pack liquids for moving. Let’s take a look.

Figure out the steps of your relocation plan

Exercising the steps of your relocation plan is not that easy as it seems. But it can be if you organize and prepare like a pro, and on time. You must watch over your time, money, and the people around you. Therefore, assemble a moving checklist covering all the aspects of your move. Start with deciding on your moving date, then calculating your moving costs, and finally, enlisting a moving company. Furthermore, there is a process of decluttering, packing, and cleaning. Also, there are all the legalities and utility bills you should take care of. The cherry on top would be your moving day and the arrival to your new address.

Make a moving checklist and follow it step by step. Stay organized.

You should organize the best way you can. Follow your moving checklist steps by step. Spread all the tasks across the weeks ahead, and tick one by one. Hopefully, you will clear them all before them moving day is upon you. And here we will recommend the Westfield movers as the top choice locally. Check out the moving services they provide and utilize it all cheaply and with the highest levels of security. They can pack, move, and unpack you in the safest way possible. Let someone else clear out the hardest steps on your moving checklist.

Do you need a helping hand?

The best way to make it all easier is to purchase the moving services of a reliable moving company. Sure, you will figure out the best way to pack liquids for moving, but who will relocate them? The best choice is to hire a moving company. Although, it is important to do a bit of research before you make your choice. Not all moving companies possess the moving license and all the permits required to operate within the moving industry. Some fraudulent movers can make it all much harder for you and your moving budget. You want to avoid getting scammed, therefore you should compare moving companies online. Check out all the services they provide, compare prices, read a few blog posts and moving reviews. Eventually, you’ll find a suitable company to handle your relocation.

We can save a bit of your precious time and point toward the Glen Rock movers. One of the top choices in the area. With the unique approach and thousands of successful relocations, we are sure you’ll find them worthy of handling your moving project. Call your movers today and bring yourself the peace of mind.

Sort it out before you pack liquids for moving

Firstly, you should determine how many liquids you have. After shuffling through your belongings, you’ll find a lot of easily replaceable items. For example, your cosmetics and cleaning products. Most of it is half empty and already opened, and it can pose a threat if it is spilled during a move. Cleaning products and chemicals especially. Maybe the best choice is to dispose of it and restock once you are settled in at your new location.

Remember that movers won’t move certain items. Some of them are flammable objects and liquids, chemicals and hazardous materials. Check this with your movers and ask them for the list of high-risk items. But in the end, you can always move them by yourself, using a personal vehicle or other methods.

Throw some of it away

Once you sorted your liquids out you’ll realize you have at least 3 big moving boxes filled with bottles and cans. Most of the households contain that many, some even more. There are chemicals such as bleach, solvent, deodorants. Not to mention gardening products, gasoline, kerosene, etc. It will add up, and the universal advice to everyone is to throw it all away. It will lower the moving costs significantly and you won’t have to think about the hazardous situation that might occur. Although, if you decide to dispose of chemicals, there is a way to do it. Firstly, check out if you can donate some of your stuff to friends, neighbors or a local charity or shelter. Next would be to dispose of it at the nearest recycling facility. Be sure to keep it green, you’ll save the environment and have safe relocation at the same time.

Pack liquids for moving but also consider throwing some of the chemicals away.
You can buy cleaning products and chemicals again. Consider throwing away already opened bottles.

Gather the packing supplies

Now when you figured out what you’ll throw away and what to bring with you, it is time to pack liquids for moving. But there is no packing process without the moving boxes. Therefore, you must choose the right moving boxes. You will need small and medium-sized moving boxes for this occasion. Liquids are prone to moving and they can easily spill and break. Hence, you need to pack tightly and the best way is to use smaller boxes. Next, you will need some packing tape, labels, and a form of a cushion. Here you can improvise and use crumpled paper, old towels, and blankets, or packing peanuts.

How to pack liquids for moving

Now, since you decided to bring some of it with you, let us pack liquids for moving. Follow these simple steps and raise the awareness and safety levels tenfold:

  • Label everything – Labels are extremely important when transporting high risk and fragile items. Place the sign ‘this side up’, and labels with signs stating that the cargo is ‘fragile’ and delicate to handle.
  • Check if any container is damaged – Before packing anything, inspect each bottle, container, can, etc. to check if anything is damaged and if all lids are tight and secured.
  • Order of packingSmaller items put in smaller boxes and seal them tight. Then place all small boxes into a bigger one and secure it from all sides using the corner paddings. For all other bottles of similar size, stack them next to each other until your box is packed and tight.
  • Prevent collision – Use an old cloth or crumpled paper to prevent the items break against each other. Make a nest at the bottom of the box before placing items inside. Additionally, put some of it between each item. This way you’ll provide a buffer and everything will be nestled in and more secured.
  • Do not mix – Drinks and chemicals won’t go together, therefore, separate all the cooking liquids and drinks, from chemicals.

Storing options

After the decluttering process, you’ll have a lot of different items on your hands, not only liquids. When you add everything up, you’ll be amazed that you can fill a whole room with unwanted junk. But if you want to keep it an decide later what to do with it, consider renting a storage unit. It is a highly lucrative and a cheap way to keep everything and use it when needed. Here you can store all your liquids and chemicals and keep them out of the harm’s way.

Storage warehouse
Consider renting a storage unit. You can always come back later to take care of your items.

Now you know some of the ways to pack liquids for moving. It won’t be fun, but it is extremely important to take care of it. Follow this guide to keep yourself, your family, and your movers safe. No doubt you will handle it like a professional and have a successful relocation. We wish you a safe journey. Good luck.


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