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When is the best time to rent a storage unit

When is the best time to rent a storage unit

Renting a storage unit is a great solution when you have too many things, yet too little space to place them. However, there are some things to consider before you sign the lease. Like what type of storage unit will you need? Also, you should think about when will you start visiting storage facilities. Right taming can make a big difference and even save you some money along the way. Check out when is the best time to rent a storage unit and see how does it fit your schedule.

Winter is the best time to rent a storage unit

Any good interstate movers NJ will recommend winter for the hunt for a storage solution. It may sound strange considering the harsh weather conditions. However,  this season is actually very convenient for renting a storage unit.

Since demand is low at this time of year, you can find excellent, yet very affordable storage unit.
While winter can be beneficial to your budget it also brings some struggles:

  • Difficult weather conditions
    Harsh weather affects everything, and it even makes placing your things in a storage unit a bit harder. Icy roads and snow blizzard can be hazardous for moving your stuff into the storage unit. Not to mention that you can slip and fall, or earn other serious injuries due to heavy lifting.
  • A necessity for waterproofing your belongings
    Since weather can be unpredictable, you should make an effort and protect your belongings as much as you can. Proper packing implies, but also protecting your things from water or snow.
  • You will have to get a climate controlled storage unite
    Winter isn’t the only season when you need to opt out for this type of unit, but it may be the most dangerous one. Not many items can’t resist freezing temperatures.

On the other hand, savings that you will get from renting a storage unit in winter you can use in hiring professionals like Short Hills Movers.

If you pack on your own and then call professionals to transport and unload your belongings into your storage unit, you will be avoiding any chance of hurting yourself or your items.

Car on a snowy road - While this may occur, winter is still the best time to rent a storage unit.

Benefits of renting a storage unit in the fall

Lacking customers, storage facilities are lowering their rental prices in the fall. Since it’s a quite uneventful time of the year, not many people have the need for safe storage space.
The statistic shows that during this period most of the properties will have low prices and great discounts.
However, depending on the specifics of your items, you may encounter higher prices for certain objects.

For storage facilities which provide the safekeeping of vehicles, this is the business season. Meaning they don’t have the reason to lower their quotas. Autumn is the time when people have to storage motorcycles or boats, so those type of big storage units have the highest rates in this time of year.
If you’re using services of professional movers Glen Rock for transporting such items, they will surely warn you that this isn’t the best time to rent a storage unit for your vehicle.

When you wish to store some household items, then have no worries. Fall is maybe the most lucrative season to rent a storage unit because the moving season is at its end.

Yellow tree leaves

You might have trouble finding storage units in the spring

Spring is the time that brings rest from the cold weather and gloomy days. The sun is shining and the temperatures are pleasant for any kind of activity. As everything wakes up from the winter dream, so does the people. It is the perfect time for life-changing events, like relocation.

This is when the moving season starts and it’s the direct reason why you might have some trouble to find a storage unit. Moving is when most people have a need for renting a storage space. The prices of the moving companies are at its highest, and the same goes for storage facilities.

Another reason why spring isn’t the best time to rent a storage unit is because of the spring cleanings. With the first glimpse of the sunny days, people are starting to declutter their home. Therefore, many are on the hunt for a safe place to will keep their things which are still usable, but not that often.
When the beginning of the moving season collides with spring cleaning, it becomes even impossible to find an available storage unit. An especially affordable one.

Women looking at blossomed trees

On a more positive note, if you don’t mind to spend some more money and time looking, you will have weather on your side. That will make preparation and packing your things for storage unit much easier. Roads will also be safer, as well as transportation of your things to the storage facility.

Summer definitely isn’t the best time to rent a storage unit

If you thought that spring brings high prices and competition in the hunt for a storage unit, think again. It is the very peak of the moving season and available storage unit won’t be easy to find. You may even find yourself in a situation where you need to offer more money than other pretenders for the last units in the area.

This is exactly the time when you can clearly see how moving and storage are connected with an unbreakable bond. Also, there are a bunch of college students looking for a place to keep their stuff. They often rent storage units in summer, before the start of the new semester. This certainly isn’t the best time to rent a storage unit.

To sum up, skyrocketing rental prices and very low offer of a vacant storage unit may be worth it to wait until the fall.
The benefit of the warm weather pale to comparison to the hassle of finding available units at the highest rates.

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