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Hiring piano movers – what should you know?

Piano in home

Moving all of your belongings is a stressful experience. But, those who own a piano, however, will have an even bigger problem when it comes to worrying about their prized possession. The process of packing and moving your piano can prove to be major trouble. One that is often best left to professional movers. The item is difficult to move, handle and protect from potential damage, and it is different from all your furniture. Shape and weight of a piano is the crucial reason why you should be hiring piano movers.

DIY or hiring piano movers

Hiring movers vs DIY move? Yes, it is possible, you can DIY. But the real question is – should you really do it? Hiring piano movers will add some extra cost to your moving bill, that is true. But doing it on your own can cost you even more. It is previously mentioned that you can damage your precious item. But you can also hurt yourself during the moving process. That’s why you should be hiring piano movers and avoid possible problems. Piano moving companies have experience in handling big items like this, and therefore the risk of damage will be minimized.

Pianos often weight up to 1000 pounds and are extremely large, and heavy. But on the other hand, these items are very gentle and fragile. So, unless you have experience and know how to deal with it, it may be really difficult to DIY. If something breaks or damages, replacing the parts of the piano and fixing it can be more expensive than you think. Not to mention the safety issue. Hurting your back is really something you don’t want to go through.

Have a plan for hiring piano movers

Have a plan

You need to have a plan for this task. So, start with having a clear goal of what you want to do. This means to write down your goal and break it down into ways of achieving it. One by one, you should complete all tasks in a timely manner. If you know that you want to do it next summer, start searching for the right company already. See what the prices are. You should know that relocation is more expensive in the summer than in other seasons, so plan it well.

You need to know how to avoid the most common moving mistakes. That’s why you need a plan. Make your own priority list. It will keep you on the good track. Consult the moving company and have your questions ready. You can end up changing your plan completely. The company’s representative can advise you on a second opinion. They will know what the best option is based on your needs. Exchange your thoughts and finalize your idea when hiring piano movers.

Piano in the room.

Tips for finding quality piano movers

If you need to move a piano, find quality piano movers on time. You need to know where and how to look for professional piano movers. If you want reliable piano movers – you need to do good research. When you start with your search check companies reviews and recommendations. You can check them on Yelp.

  • Make sure to do a background check when you’re hiring piano movers

Check all the information about the piano moving company if you want to avoid moving scams and fraudulent movers. Read online comments and people’s experiences to be sure if they were happy with the service.

  • Check out the moving company license and insurance

It is very important that your piano moving company has a license and insurance. There are many reasons to get moving insurance because you need to be sure that your fragile piano is protected and covered from damages. Hiring piano movers that are reliable is very important if you want moving job to be successful.

  • Check movers references and expertise

If you want reliable piano movers then check out their references and expertise. Read reviews and clients comments.

  • Ask for moving quote

Quality piano movers can provide you with moving estimate so you can know the exact price for piano relocation. It is very important to find a balance between good quality services and reasonable pricing. Also, don’t forget these 5 important questions to ask before hiring a moving company.

Look locally

Another thing you should do to increase your chance of finding good movers is to look locally for them. Local movers tend to be cheaper as they can come more quickly. Furthermore, they can be more flexible in their plan, again because they are closer to you. If you know any place near you that has pianos or even sells pianos, ask them to give you some recommendations. Experienced piano movers are what you should be looking for.

Transporting piano

What can a professional piano moving company provide to you?

The size and weight of the piano are the big challenges for the move, and you need to think about the fragile nature of your valuable instrument. You need to be sure that your piano is safe and protected in quality piano movers.

Professional piano movers can provide you with:

  • The right equipment

Quality piano movers provide you with moving trucks and quality equipment that can handle the toughest pianos. Piano professionals can transport any size piano safely and efficiently.

  • Professional training

The piano crew is trained and has the right skills to complete the whole process of the relocation.

  • Piano moving services

Piano moving services are made to your requirements. That’s why you should be hiring piano movers that are professionals. Because you can get the best moving services for piano moving.

  • Storage facilities

Professional piano movers can provide you with a warehouse where you can store your piano while you find a place for it in your new home. Piano moving isn’t just about getting it out of the building. It’s also getting the piano to its final destination safely and soundly. And, when you’re hiring the professionals you can rest assured you’re going to get just that.


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