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Disassembling furniture for a move: Tips & Tricks

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As you probably know by now, moving is a rather complicated process. There is a lot of stuff to be done before, during and after the moving day. It will require you to spend time, money and, the most valuable things of all – your nerves. Therefore, you should explore options to save all of the above any way you can. When it comes to saving money, we will help you with some tips and tricks for disassembling furniture for a move on your own. Just remember, if you want to save money, be prepared to lose some time and possibly nerves. Nevertheless, this could be a way to save up some additional cash and hire a reliable moving company to help further on with relocation. So, brace yourself and get to business, you got this!

What to know before you start disassembling furniture for a move?

Before you start with this project, ask yourself a very important question. Do you really need this piece of furniture? You know that you don’t have to bring everything with you when you move, right? If the furniture is in a bad condition, is it worth the struggle? Perhaps you will better off without it. So you should save yourself trouble and money and throw it away.

disassembling Furniture for a Move - old wooden sofa

On the other hand, it may be in perfect condition, but does it really fit into the look of your new home? If you have a vintage cabinet, how will it go with your modern design apartment? And do you even have a place for it if you are downsizing into a smaller home? If not, think about either selling it or donating to a charity. You can find some great and affordable movers in NJ to relocate your furniture to a charity organization if they don’t have their own transport. Doing a good deed will certainly be a rewarding experience.

What do you need for this project?

Besides the fact that this endeavor is time-consuming but a great way to save money? You should know that you can’t start disassembling furniture for a move without proper preparation. What you need are:

  • tape measure (be smart, not fast),
  • guide on disassembling furniture for a move (which you have here),
  • proper tools (it will take more than your hands and goodwill),
  • a friend or two (let’s face it, moving is a team activity).

If you have decided that the furniture is definitely going with you, only when you get all of these, you should begin the project. And proceed with great caution. Sometimes even when you have all of what you need, it’s better to call local movers and have professionals deal with it. That is especially the case when you have to handle very valuable furniture. You really shouldn’t risk it by doing the disassembling on your own.

Measure before you start disassembling the furniture

This should go without saying, but sometimes it is better to point out the obvious stuff. So, not everything that looks bulky needs to be torn to pieces in order to relocate it. You can have a big desk, but if it’s not too heavy, you can shift it in different ways and load it to a moving truck without disassembling it. On the other hand, you could have a sofa that doesn’t look that big but can’t fit through the doors.

tape measure

Therefore, you should measure the width of the doors, hallways, and staircases to know exactly what must go in pieces. And don’t forget the measurements of the elevator. That is something that any Jersey City movers will definitely do before even starting your relocation. So, learn from the best.

Once you measure the passes and the furniture, you will know what goes in one piece and what in more than one. Also, you can do partial disassembling furniture for a move. Maybe it will be enough to take just the armrest off the sofa, so you don’t have to separate everything.

Do you have the instruction manuals?

Disassembling furniture for a move will be much easier if you know the splitting points. Sometimes those are pretty obvious. But other times, they can be hidden. So, unless your furniture is from another century, try to find the instruction manuals. Maybe they have it on the website of where you bought it. Or in the store. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

You won’t get anywhere without the basic tools

We wouldn’t even suggest doing this kind of project on your own if it would require some professional tools. So, it is a good thing that this doesn’t. However, you must obtain some basic tools, such as different sizes of Philips head or flat head screwdrivers and different sizes wrenches.

different tools on the table

After you separate the parts, you must make sure to preserve all hardware parts. And it is best to store them near the parts, so you won’t mix them when the time for reassembling comes. Therefore, you will need several plastic bags or containers. You can label them properly and place all in the same box. That is the way professional packing services would do. Or you can tape the bags directly to the parts of the furniture that they go into. Whatever you find easier. Just make sure not to lose them, if you don’t want to go shopping the minute you arrive at your new address.

It is crucial to stay safe!

Since you are not professional and you don’t have (enough) experience, you need to do your best to stay safe. Be very careful when you handle the tools and furniture parts.

However, you shouldn’t even start disassembling furniture for a move all by yourself. It is crucial to have someone help you. Whether a friend, relative, coworker or even a neighbor – it doesn’t matter. All it matters is that you don’t try doing this alone. Furniture is usually heavy, so you need someone to hold on to parts while you are taking them apart. Only with the proper help and by following these tips, you will be able to execute this project successfully.

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