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Benefits of living in a studio apartment in Toms River, NJ

Studio apartment

You finally decided on the neighborhood and the time of your relocation. Now, since you are preparing for living in a studio apartment in Toms River, there will be a few adjustments. You must pack and find NJ movers and packers to cover the moving part. But you must know as well that a studio apartment is an entirely different universe when it comes to real estate. Hopefully, you already know most of it, but just in case we will point out the benefits of living in one. Let us dive into the exciting world of studio apartments.

Who is up for living in a studio apartment in Toms River?

Usually, the group of people aiming for the studio apartments is students, minimalists, newlywed couples, and retirees. Rarely people choose studio apartments for a permanent residence. They are best used as a temporary solution when you are looking for a new job, attending school, or waiting for a certain opportunity. Therefore, keep in mind that this is a place for a one-person family most of the time, of course depending on your personal situation.

Now, a studio apartment is a one-bedroom flat with no walls that would separate the kitchen or dining area. Of course, the bathroom is always secluded and separated as it should be. Studio apartments can have a balcony or a terrace, but it is not a mandatory thing. Many have a couple of windows only. But even if it sounds scary at first, everything fits nicely inside a fairly big one-room apartment. If you are living in a studio apartment in Toms River alone, you will have everything you need and all in one place. If this is something for you, then contact your movers Toms River NJ and start packing. Meanwhile, we will explain a bit further what the benefits are.

living in a studio apartment in Toms River
A cozy and warm place to call your own. You can have it within a day.

You will move in and adapt within a day

No matter what the reason for your relocation is, you should know that moving in is ten times easier. Maybe you are leaving for college, or simply leaving your family home in search of a better tomorrow. You should know that you will need only a few essential pieces to furnish the place and make it viable for all everyday activities. It is the minimalist lifestyle and quality over quantity that awaits you. You should embrace it and keep it simple. One bed, one table, a couple of chairs, and a work-desk.

Also, keep it simple with decorative pieces to avoid cluttering the space. Soon you will realize that you can fill it with all the items dear to you while still being productive. It is a beneficial aspect of a studio apartment. You will have everything you need within reach and have more than enough space to move around. Not to mention that you won’t have to invest much and your budget will stay intact. Move-in, within a day and begin the new chapter fresh and unobstructed.

It is easy to clean and maintain

Oh, did we mention that you won’t spend hours or even days on cleaning and maintaining the hygiene? Yes, studio apartments are cleaning-friendly, and simply by spending 15 minutes a day on cleaning, you can keep it impeccable. Now, you must know, that such a small place that is entirely under your control will instill good habits and make you more responsible. You will clean as you move through the place. While cooking, you will clean straight away and never leave plates behind. And taking out the trash will become a daily routine because you want your place fresh and clean.

All in all, daily cleaning will come easy and, on the move, you won’t even notice and it will bring you great satisfaction and a much enjoyable time spent inside your new studio apartment. And remember, there are no more long cleaning weekends and no more spring cleaning. Your place will shine!

An elite studio apartment
Studio apartments are cleaning-friendly

Living in a studio apartment in Toms River is budget-friendly

Ok, whether you are renting or buying one, prices may vary greatly. It depends on the location and on size. Some studio apartments are slightly bigger and can even be compared to a one-bedroom apartment. Furthermore, adding a nice neighborhood to it can raise the price significantly. So, check your options and your requirements before you start searching for one. Other things that can come into play when it comes to the renting/buying price are the following:

  • Number of amenities
  • If it is a part of an elite complex
  • If it has a balcony or terrace
  • The number of floors in the building and on which one your studio apartment is located
  • If it is empty or fully furnished

Figure out how much you can invest and what is the purpose of moving into one and calculate your costs. Make sure you can keep up with payments and rents before you embark on this journey.

You will have more time to focus on other things in your life!

As we already mentioned, you won’t spend much time maintaining the apartment and there won’t be many things that can distract you from your daily activities. This means you can fully focus on your tasks ahead. Living in a studio apartment in Toms River will give you peace of mind and you will enjoy the quiet time you have and fully commit to yourself. Whether it is work, school, or a hobby, you’ll be able to invest more hours and stay productive.

Although, spending more hours indoors alone can be a bit depressing at times, so we encourage you to introduce a pet to your new environment to keep you company. Every living space has enough space for a birdcage or a fishing bowl. But you have enough space to accommodate a cat or a dog, depending on which type you are. Therefore, make your apartment pet-friendly and let your furry friend keep you company. Also, it will help you stay active by going out for a walk once in a while.

A person browsing on laptop
With fewer chores around, you’ll have more time for yourself!

Once you decide to move, it can be done in a couple of days

And the best thing about the studio apartment is that you can evacuate it in a day. Or even in a couple of hours, depending on the furniture and other stuff you have with you. This means the relocation, no matter which way it goes, will be much easier and more affordable. You can enlist residential movers NJ and not even think about the relocation at all. Movers will pack and unpack you within hours and you’ll be ready for another adventure.

Major disadvantages of a studio apartment

Also, we must point out a couple of major disadvantages of a studio apartment. One is the fact that you have limited space to host parties or to have friends over. You can accommodate a few friends for a drink and that is it. The other major issue is that you lack personal and storage space. Depending on the number of belongings and furniture you possess, you’ll probably have to choose to leave some behind. You simply won’t have enough space to fit everything in without cluttering the space. Therefore, a solution is to leave some at your family home, at your relatives, friends, or simply rent a storage unit and keep your items stashed until you move again. It is an affordable way to secure enough space for all your items. Keep those pros and cons in mind before you decide on moving into a studio apartment.

That would be it, all you need to know about living in a studio apartment in Toms River. It is cheap, easy to maintain, and a great stop between two great chapters in your life. Hopefully, you’ll find one that will meet the criteria and help you achieve your goals. At least you’ll have a wonderful experience, that is certain.

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