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Why you should never use your car for relocation to NJ

never use your car for relocation to nj

There are two ways you can go about moving. First, you can try to organize everything on your own. The packing, the transport, and unpacking. Maybe some of your friends and family join in to help out. On the other hand, you can hire residential movers NJ to help you out! When you’re moving with a professional crew, chances are very low for something to go wrong. Moreover, they will have much more space in their moving truck than you would in the trunk of your car! Other than this situation, there are many more reasons why you should never use your car for relocation to NJ. We’re here to tell you what they are and to prepare you for your upcoming move!

man packing boxes in a car

Never use your car for relocation to NJ – and here is why:

First things first, let’s try to be efficient. When you’re moving house, you’re literally packing your entire life in boxes and bins. Not only are you packing a suitcase as you would for a vacation, but you need to move your furniture and appliances as well. Sure, you can move this in your car, if you disassemble everything (or you have a really big car). However, it will take multiple trips in order to get everything to your desired location. With any relocation, you want to be time-efficient and do it as quickly as possible.

No one wants to spend ages living between two homes and slowly putting things together! So, by hiring one of the moving companies NJ to help you, and not using your car to relocate to NJ, you’ll be done much faster. A moving truck can fit everything that you need to move, and you’ll finish it in one trip! 

You risk damaging your car, too

Not only that but using your car to move can also damage it. Let’s imagine the following scenario. You are moving locally, maybe just a few streets away. You are in no rush to leave your old place, so you decide to prolong your moving process and move on your own. Of course, you will use your car to transport everything to the new house. Loading it with regular cardboard boxes and bins seems easy enough, and completely doable.

However, what will you do when you need to transport something bulky, such as your fridge? You might fit it in your car, but you’ll need to strap it in really carefully and drive with an open trunk. Not only do you risk getting your car scratched, but if you don’t secure the item properly, it can fall out and get serious damage. Many moving companies in NJ for small moves will be happy to help you out with your local move!

car stuck in a traffic jam

Moving everything in your car can turn out to be more expensive

The main reason people decide against hiring a moving company is that they want to save money. We understand, as moving estimates can sometimes be really high, depending on the factors of your move. Arguably, moving on your own is a better option for people who have a tight moving budget. However, there are instances where you really should never use your car for relocation to NJ, because it will be more expensive. How is that? Well, as we already mentioned, you’ll need to make multiple trips. This means you’ll use far more gas than a moving truck would. Additionally, if your car gets damaged, you’ll need to cover these costs as well. Not to mention if an item falls out and causes even more damage – then you’ll have to replace it and spend even more money.

On top of it all, the time you’ll spend packing everything into your car and moving it is also wasted. You’d have to take time off from your job to do it and that also costs money. It might just be a better option if you let our furniture movers take care of it all! That way, you can fully focus on your family and your job, and you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our team will gladly take transport off your hands and ensure your car doesn’t have to suffer through it on its own. 

When people tell you that you should never use your car for relocation to NJ – they are probably right.

In the end, you should always hear what people around you have to say. Ask your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers about their experiences with relocation. If they’ve done it multiple times (and we are sure they have), they will tell you exactly what they regret doing. We are all here to learn from our past mistakes, and why not take this opportunity to see how you can improve your relocation? If your loved ones say that you shouldn’t use your car for relocation to New Jersey, you should keep this in mind. They have probably tried it and they might regret not going with a moving truck instead!

truck and a car on a highway

In either case, carefully weigh out the pros and cons before planning out your relocation. While some things may have worked out for others, they may not be the best in your situation. Consult with your movers and your friends to come up with the best relocation plan for your own needs! After all, we all want you to have an easy and stress-free move, so you can truly look forward to the good changes that are coming up.

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