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When to start preparing for your Jersey City move?

When to start preparing for your Jersey City move

Are you moving to Jersey City soon, but you need a little guidance when it comes to moving preparations? You’ve come just at the right place! The most important thing when you start preparing for your Jersey City move is to start preparing early.  Every good moving company Jersey City will highlight the importance of early start. Bluebell Moving and Storage has years of experience in the moving business, and we’ve decided to share tips on the preparations and packing timeline! 

What to do before you start preparing for your Jersey City move

When you start thinking about a move and when it actually becomes a reality – those are totally different options.  Some people hire moving companies NJ, some decide to do it on their own – whatever the case, you’ll have to face the music right away. Start researching moving companies, ask for free quotes, see if your friends and family have used moving companies that are reliable recently.

There are a plethora of other things that you need to do in the beginning. If you have a child, you have to tell them that you’re moving. If you’re employed, you have to see when you’re going to quit and how to organize your move so that it doesn’t interfere with your job. You have to deal with a fact that your life is going to change in that period, and that you’ll have to adapt to the workload and pressure one way or another.

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Booking a moving company 

After you’ve sent out free moving quotes, try to find the best interstate moving companies NJ for you. Those are the ones that fit your budget but have mostly positive reviews. To get to know them, make sure that you call each moving company and see whether you like their approach and the moving process. When you find the one you like, start discussing a moving date right away. Call a moving company as soon as you can so you can book the date that really works for you. If you’re procrastinating this step, you might find yourself in a very tricky situation that you could’ve been prevented easily. When you’ve narrowed down the companies that suit you and that are available around your supposed moving day, you can start thinking about insurance.

Set a date to start preparing for your Jersey City move

Setting an exact date will give your brain a signal that it’s time to move. After you’ve set a date, it’s quite possible that you’ll be much more effective. There are many quality moving companies who are flexible, and who can let you decide on the moving date later. There are also many things that can interfere with setting your moving date, but you might feel less anxious if you set a date earlier. It will help you book all of the other services that you need, besides moving ones. If you can’t set a date right away, try not to get too fixated with setting it, but think long and hard when deciding which long distance moving company NJ to hire. 

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Discussing moving insurance 

There are many different types of insurances. Make sure that you do your research and find the right one for you. If you’re not sure whether you should take insurance from the same company that’s moving you, there are pros and cons to both situations. In the end, if you take insurance from your company, then your moving company will pay for the damage they induce. That’s definitely not in their interest, so that might be the best option. It’s never too early to start discussing insurance, and the earlier you decide on it, the earlier you’ll be able to act accordingly. Maybe you have a special art piece that wasn’t insured and has to go with you in the car – think well about what you’ll be insuring. 

Decluttering takes a lot of time

It doesn’t hurt to start decluttering right away. Make sure you start doing it at least two months in advance. It seems like you have to do everything as soon as you know about the move – and that’s true. There are numerous things that can go wrong, and being late, unfortunately, happens often. It leads to people having a mental breakdown far too often.

Do this to start preparing for your Jersey City relocation:

  • To avoid complications, start all of the processes as early as possible. It will also help you avoid additional costs.
  • Donate, throw away or sell items that you don’t need anymore
  • Sell whatever you don’t need and use that money to buy the same or similar items at the new location.

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Start packing belongings for your Jersey City move

After you’ve mostly finished with decluttering, you can start packing. Make sure you start packing at least a month earlier. That will give you enough time to lead a normal life and pack a little bit every day. When you’re packing gradually, you can get your items ready for unpacking as well. You’ll be grateful when you’re done with the move, but your boxes are properly labeled and you know exactly what’s in each one of them! Packing early will also give you enough time to call friends and family to help you dismantle and pack big furniture pieces. 

The last things that you’ll be packing are a toothbrush, a mobile charger, a mattress, and a fridge. Those are the items that you’ll need the most until the day you move.  

Pack your moving bag a few days before the move

Packing your bag a few days before the move may seem excessive, but it isn’t. It will give your brain time to think about what else you need to put in there. That way, you won’t forget anything important and you’ll be properly prepared for every scenario. Make sure that you have enough water for your moving day, as stress and amount of work can cause you to dehydrate. It also doesn’t hurt to have a chocolate bar at hand. Make sure that you’ve packed your documents, small electronics, and medication with you.

Start preparing for your Jersey City move by hiring a reliable moving company

Are you looking for more ways to make things easier for you? Start preparing for your Jersey City move by booking a reliable moving company. If you aren’t ready for commitment, you can always get a free quote or call us. We’re more than happy to answer all of your questions and get you acquainted with our moving process and our reasonable prices. Are you ready to book a stress-free move that you’re longing for?

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