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What to unpack first after you move in?

an essential box is one of the first things to unpack after you move in

When the moving process begins, you will just be waiting for the day you are done with it. However, a lot of people believe that this is the moment when you say goodbye to your trustworthy residential moving company NJ and step into your home. But the process still isn’t done! You will walk into your home and realize there are countless boxes waiting for you there! Now it’s time for the unpacking to begin! This might come as a shock. After all, you will want some rest! And you can get it – you don’t need to unpack everything immediately! However, in this article, we give you a list of things that you need to unpack first after you move in!

The large furniture items will define your space

Before you start moving, it is important to know what your new home will look like. Get some blueprints and figure out each room, as well as its layout. Of course, you don’t need to focus on smaller things – but bigger furniture pieces are a must! This is because these are the items you will want to be placed around the home immediately after pulling them from the moving truck.

a living room

There are many reasons for this. The primary one, however, is that it will be tough moving your couch around your living room, for example, while there are moving boxes still waiting around. So, instead of taking them into other rooms or to the best storage unit in NJ, you should plop your couch down first, and then the boxes around it. The second reason is that having these pieces will then help you figure out where everything else from the boxes will go. It can be easy knowing where you are putting your books when you have a bookshelf, obviously. The same goes for end tables and the coffee table, plants and similar smaller items.

However, this can be a difficult thing to pull off if you do not have access to your home beforehand. You can request the floor plan, but it can still be a bit tough to figure things out from it. To solve this problem, try to get to your home at least half an hour before the movers arrive. This way, you will be able to quickly make these decisions. Then, you will be able to give good instructions to your movers when they start helping you unpack.

After you move in, unpack and start the appliances first

After you are done with the bigger pieces of furniture, it’s time to get appliances running. The same reasoning applies to the bigger pieces of furniture – you will want to set up your fridge, stove and similar bigger things in order to get a better feel for space.

the kitchen

Now, it doesn’t matter if you moved your appliances from your old home, or if you bought new ones. In both cases, you should always consult the manual to see the necessary steps to starting your appliances. This is very important! Improperly setting them up can damage both the appliance and the installation in your home. If you are unsure about how to do it, make sure you consult the experts. It is better to pay a little more for appliance set up than having to pay much, much more for their repair.

Start assembling the essentials

After you have your large pieces of furniture and the appliances, it is time to start putting together the items you weren’t able to transport without disassembling them. For example, beds are tough to transport without taking them apart. And since you will need them for your first night in your new place, they are one of the items you will want to unpack first after you move in!

If you arrive at your home really late, you might even shuffle your tasks around, and do this before setting up the appliances. Getting rest is beneficial to unpacking and settling into your home correctly, so consider your priorities and how you are feeling. You will want to start creating routines from the very first day. So, setting up a table or a desk are also things on the top of your list!

a woman in the bed

This is especially important if you are moving with children, or you yourself do not like change. Routines help cope with the stress of moving home and starting over. They tell us that not everything has to change by showing you your life can still stay consistent. So, before you move, consider your priorities in order to figure out what to unpack first after you move in.

An essentials box is one of the first things to unpack after you move in

This is why the essentials moving box should also be the thing you unpack on your first day moving into a new home. Inside it, you packed things that you just cannot live without. It might be stuff to keep your child calm or things for personal hygiene. You will need and use these from the moment you arrive, so keep the box close.

You probably want to have it in the car with you while moving. If that’s impossible, make sure that it’s near the end of the truck. This way, the movers can take it out first. Carefully and clearly label it. Both you and the company should know what is inside and that it is a priority. You might even want to decide to pack a box for each member of the family – all you need to do is make sure that they are easy to reach, and that they are things you unpack first after you move in! After that, all it takes is unpacking other, smaller things around your home and finally starting your new life!

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