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Ways to feel at home in your new apartment

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You have come a long way since packing up all of your belongings, finding just the right residential movers NJ to call, and browsing the internet for the potential home. Congratulate yourself for making it to the “after the move” stage of your relocation! However, now you stepped into your new place, and this feeling of newness won’t go away. No matter how ecstatic you are for starting anew, this place is still not your “home”, and it will be some time until you start to feel at home in your new apartment. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things you can do to put yourself on the right track. Luckily, we have prepared just the guide to help you feel at home in your new place of residence! Here’s the first clue already! Start by putting on your favorite music! Let this journey to creating a warm and inviting home be the first memory you make in this place. The nice thing is, it will be your first step to truly feel at home!

There are so many ways to feel at home in your new apartment

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Take a moment to read about the psychology behind making someplace a home. A room is just a room, without our hearts and minds put into it. Transferring our energy and needs onto a place is what makes a house the “home” for us. This is where Maslow’s hierarchy of needs steps in. It is a model of human needs, which design psychologists adapted to the idea of creating a homey place. It includes basic needs (shelter and safety) and psychological needs (love, and self-esteem). Further, we have social needs (privacy and sociableness), and aesthetic needs (beauty, pleasure, creativity). According to them, creating a self-actualized place is very important. It means that we have satisfied most or all of our needs in the process.

Back to the basics to feel at home in your new apartment

Safety first

Whether you’re moving in alone, or with someone else, it is vital to take some precautionary measures. If you are renting, ask your landlord about the building’s security. Also, make sure that the doors are made out of solid wood or metal,  and that the locks are new and secure. It is also a good idea to have a peephole in a front door.  Moreover, you may want to request a deadbolt or chain lock as well if there isn’t one in place already. Also, check the windows and, if there are any first-floor windows, ask your landlord to install locks on them. The feeling of safety is crucial for you to feel at home in your new apartment.

Soak in the new vibe

Let’s say that you come from Atlantic City (your relocation wasn’t local). Once your Atlantic City movers literally drop off your life to a whole different area, do some exploring. To feel at home in your apartment, it is helpful that you feel at home in your new city. Find your nearest grocery store, pharmacy, dairy, and bakery, and get to know the charms and merits of your community.  

One bonus tip from us when it comes to safety would be to become friends with your neighbors. The people in your neighborhood may be the best asset in times of trouble and emergency. Besides, they will be more likely to inform you about potential hazards in the area upfront or notify you if they notice anything strange.

OK, cleaners

Stress-cleaners, this is your time! It’s likely that your new home doesn’t seem exceptionally dirty. It could be that it has been previously restored for the new resident. However, this is a good practice. Unless you’ve just moved in to brand new construction, do a deep-clean. This will give you that necessary fresh start. It will provide a feeling like nobody touched or used the things in the apartment before you. Consequently, your mind is more likely to accept this new place of residence as your home. So, bring out the disinfectants, rags and mops, and start cleansing the apartment of its past to make space for your future memories.

Stock up on necessities

An empty fridge is never a way to feel at home in your new place. Getting your kitchen up and running can help you feel emotionally connected to your new home. So, connect your appliances and take a grocery trip to the supermarket to stock up your refrigerator and pantry as soon as you can. Besides the foodstuffs, your store checklist should also include toiletries and additional cleaning supplies that you need.

Achieve Feng Shui to feel at home in your new apartment

Focus on bringing harmony and positivity into your home by making your living space feel warm, cozy, and inviting. This is the step where our psychological needs meet aesthetics to make this a place where you will adore spending your time.

Woman hugging pillow
  • Light up the mood by lighting up the room! Many interior designers agree that one over-head light is never enough! So bring out some lamps, string lights, candles, and lanterns. But, make sure that your lighting fixtures emit warm temperature shades of white or yellow, which increase relaxation. You will see how your living space instantly adopts a more of a homey vibe.
  • Breathe life into the space. Plants, flowers, and foliage are feng shui 101.  You can also opt for some realistic plastic faux plants. But you always have options that are easy to take care of. Greenery doesn’t only enhance the look of the space, but also promotes better health and vitality.
  • Soften your apartment. Having your living space look like a furniture store is as far from pleasant as it gets. So, make it all extra comfy by surrounding yourself with beautiful textures. Go overboard with the elements that make you think of warmth and safety. By this, we mean things such as soft blankets, area rugs, and lots of cushions.
  • Add the favorite fragrance. Fill the space with your most beloved scent. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a candle, room spray, or gentle aroma of fresh flowers. It will surely add to the cozy vibe.

Echo is all but homey

The belief is that you have a better quality of life if you love the spaces that you’re in. That is easy if you incorporate warming color palettes, charming decor, and unique details. Whether your style is minimalism, Bohemian, or rustic, a refined decoration will reduce that annoying echo of blank space. Moreover, your personal touch will bring livability and character to your new home.

  • Play with the walls. Every color has a certain “mood” to display. For instance, warm undertones of colors make space feel smaller and cozier. If your lease does not allow you to paint the walls, ask your landlord about removable wallpaper. Next, some colorful curtains and wall art can help tie your decor together.
Warm tones will do a great job to make you feel at home in your new apartment.
  • Cover the flooring. A rug is usually the main focus of a room, so think about how beautifully it can contribute to the aesthetics of the place. Moreover, Nothing screams comfortable and homey as a soft area rug to keep your feet warm.
  • Unpack a piece of you. Unwrap those sentimental items you brought to make the place more of your own. Hang those family photos and pictures of favorite moments. Display your collectibles and other cherished possessions that reflect your personality. Place souvenirs and keepsakes on noticeable spots to remind you of happy times.
  • Set up a no-stress zone. Nothing will make you feel at home in your new apartment as finding a proper area for you to practice your favorite hobbies and pastimes that calm you down and clear your mind.

Enjoy it alone and with others

Make this place your refuge to feel at home in your new apartment

When all is said and done, start spending some time there. Curl up on the couch and read your favorite book. Cook yourself your favorite meal in the new kitchen and put on a movie. Just relax in your new apartment. Treat the place like a refuge. Decide this is where you’re gonna live and make a commitment. Do your best to put on the right mindset, and it will start to feel like your own in no time.

Inviting friends will make you feel more at home in your new apartment

Start to make memories with people you love

…and share it with others. The more joy and laughter enters your new apartment, the more it is going to feel homey. So, invite your family and friends to your housewarming party. You’ll feel much more at home in your apartment after hosting a gathering of your favorite people there. You may not remember this space as the most impressive one, but you can remember it for some of the most heart-warming memories in your life.

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