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Unpacking mistakes to avoid

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The whole relocation process is highly complex and expensive. It is well-known that the packing part is the most boring, tiring, and time-consuming one. Additionally, packing needs to be done right so you can unpack adequately. Therefore, there are some unpacking mistakes to avoid and be aware of. Let us explore what they are.

You will need proper packing supplies

If you obtain proper packing supplies you have done half of the job already. Now only to use them wisely and to complete this task. Whether you decide to buy them yourself or your local movers NJ will bring them, it does not matter. As long as you obtain the following:

  • Moving boxesAim for the higher-quality ones since they are stronger and do not break easily. Also, obtain at least 20 of them and get different sizes to be able to pack various items. You’ll find free moving boxes at the nearest grocery store, or you can buy some at the local hardware store.
  • Cushion – You can use the items you have at your home. Such as blankets, rags, various cloth pieces, old t-shirts, sheets, etc. Keep the inside of your boxes soft and nest your items inside. Place it on the bottom of your moving box and nest your items on top.
  • Packing tape – This one is important since it will hold your box together. Buy a proper packing tape and do not be afraid to use it. Applying only one layer will increase the chance that the box will open mid-transport. Another among unpacking mistakes to avoid.
Packing supplies
These are the essential supplies you’ll need for the packing and unpacking process.

Be mindful of the kitchen – there are a lot of unpacking mistakes to avoid there

The kitchen is the place that holds many various items and you should pack and unpack it carefully. Be mindful of all the knives, ceramics, metal, plastic, and appliances involved. Unpacking mistakes to avoid here is simple. As long as you are patient and you unwrap and remove piece by piece, you won’t break a thing. Assuming that you wrapped each glass piece individually that is. Also, the place that will hold your dishes and ceramics should be ready to cradle your items straight away from the box. And be sure that there are no obstructions between the box and the cupboard.

There are many unpacking mistakes to avoid in the kitchen
Your kitchen holds many breakable and fragile items. Be mindful of how you pack and unpack them.

In case this is too delicate and you are afraid that you might damage something, consider hiring movers to do it instead. Movers like Bluebell Relocation Services NJ will provide excellent packing and unpacking services. All affordable and safe. Give it a try.

You should know what you pack

Inspect your items before you start packing and make an inventory list. If you know what you pack the easier unpacking will be. Therefore, make a moving checklist that will cover all the steps and list all your items. Make a tracking system of the box content and both packing and unpacking will be covered appropriately.

Cardboard box unpacking mistakes to avoid

How you pack your box will dictate the way you open and unpack it. If you used several layers of packing tape, you’ll probably need scissors or a box cutter to open them. But be aware of the content inside and do not cut too deep. Also, make sure that the box is on a flat and hard surface while you do it. And finally, do not rip or break your box. With a bit of patience, any box can be opened and repurposed later on.

Who labels, wins!

Whether you packed yourself or you purchased packing services NJ, one thing is certain. You must label all your boxes adequately. Labels will make everything much easier and more convenient. Your labeling system will inform movers and anyone else who carries your boxes about the content inside. Moreover, you will know where your items are and in which order to unpack.

There we go, these were a few common unpacking mistakes to avoid. Just remember the tips we provided today when the time comes. We are sure that you’ll relocate your belongings without a scratch. Good luck.

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