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Top restaurants in Jersey City to try

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Moving is costly, time-consuming, and tiring. You must organize the whole process, pack, and hire Jersey City movers to handle your relocation professionally. But after a job is well done, you must reward yourself appropriately. What better way than to check out the new cool spots around your new neighborhood. Therefore, we bring you a quick guide on the best restaurants in Jersey City you should check out.

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If you are still in the process of organizing your move, you should check if you covered everything like a pro. Here are some of the essential steps you must take:

  • Moving checklist – List down all steps you must take and follow your guide for a successful relocation.
  • Hire reliable movers – Search online, compare services and prices. Check out special services that can make your relocation 10 times easier and more efficient. There is packing, unpacking, storage NJ services, long and short distance moving, etc. Communicate the details with your movers and figure out the best moving solution.
  • Packing – if you decide to pack yourself, be sure to obtain all packing materials. You’ll need more than 20 cardboard moving boxes, packing paper, wrapping paper, packing tape, and a blister pack. Be extremely careful with fragile items and remember to label all your boxes.

You are done with the hard part, lets hit the city and check what restaurants in Jersey City have to offer.

Ani Ramen, one of the best restaurants in Jersey City.

Whenever you look for restaurants in Jersey City online, you’ll find Ani Ramen in the top 3. You will see that it is an authentic Japanese joint with one of the best hand-rolled noodles in the world. Here you can try some of the amazing dishes along with craft cocktails and Japanese whiskeys. Yes, they have a liquor license. Be sure to stop by and experience a full package. It is a place you must see when visiting NJ.

Ani Ramen is one of the best restaurants in Jersey City
You shouldn’t miss out on the best ramen noodles in the state!

Harry’s Daughter

This is a place where you can grab an awesome bite while enjoying a live gig. It is the Caribbean inspired Gastro Pub full of smiles, positive energies, and satisfied locals. Here you’ll find a colorful menu ranging from all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and cheeses, to BBQ and cocktails. Hence, check online when is the next live music event and pay them a visit.

Pinwheel Garden

Furthermore, another place where you can taste amazing noodles and dumplings. It is a cozy and quiet establishment with easy lights and wooden tables. A soothing natural vibe will sharpen your senses and give you the unique opportunity to taste food in peace and quiet. Make sure to check out their plant-based menu and do not skip the pancakes. You will find amazing combinations we are sure you never tried out. Also, meat-eaters shouldn’t be worried for a second. Plenty of chicken, beef, pork, and fish can be found as well. Definitely worth checking out.

Dumplings on a plate with garnish
Pinwheel Garden is the place where you’ll find the best dumplings in NJ. Do not miss it this one.

We can’t talk about restaurants in Jersey City without mentioning Razza!

The best slice of pizza is at Razza. We not sure how the owner of this joint managed to create such a masterpiece. Some say that it is his attention to detail, patience, and dedication. And it is the truth. At Razza you’ll find only the highest quality ingredients on each slice of pizza served. A wood-fired pizza with fresh tomatoes and the best ricotta cheese is waiting for you. Although, you should prepare to wait for hours in line to experience this amazing place.

These were a few among hundreds of restaurants in Jersey City. We decided that these four are worth mentioning for now. Therefore, once you try them out you will fall in love with the cuisine this wonderful city has to offer. And the idea of becoming a resident will be much more appealing. If that is the case, go ahead, contact your movers NJ and become the part of it in no time. We wish you a safe journey and a wonderful time in one of the restaurants we recommended.

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