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Tips and tricks for moving to a studio apartment

moving to a studio apartment

Are you moving to a studio apartment in the near future, and you’re looking for tips on how to easily transition into your new home? Bluebell Moving and Storage has years of moving experience, and we’ve decided to help you. Relocating to a studio apartment usually means downsizing. Many people aren’t sure what to do with their belongings, how to function in the smaller space, or how to store the items in such a way that they can get it easily without compromising the structure of the rest. This is why we’ve decided to share some of the tips and tricks that we’ve collected along our way. To find out more about downsizing, keep on reading!

Declutter before moving to a studio apartment

This will be one of the most important steps in your moving process. Interstate moving companies NJ will bill you significantly less if you get rid of all of the unnecessary items. Not only that, but you’ll be lessening the number of your belongings that you have to fit into your new studio apartment. When decluttering, make sure you sell, donate, or throw away absolutely everything that doesn’t serve you anymore. If you don’t want it, but it’s in the good condition, you can donate or sell it. Selling items that are big and bulky are a good way to avoid paying a big sum of money to the moving companies. When you sell them, you can use the money to buy the same or similar items at the new location. 

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Consider renting a storage space

If you are done decluttering, but you’re sure you have too many items that will interfere with your life in your new studio apartment – consider renting a storage space. That way you can safely store your belongings while you figure out where you’re going to put them, store them or if you’re going to sell them. Storage space can also be useful during the moving process. You can take your items to storage earlier and be left only with the items that are heading to your new home, which will significantly free the space in your home and allow you to pack and prepare for the move with more comfort. When packing items for storage, don’t forget to pack them systematically and to label the boxes. That will help you find the items that you need as soon as you enter the storage.   

Ask your friends and family for help

You can always have Residential Movers NJ help you with your move, but if you can ask your friends and family, then you can lessen your costs significantly. They may also have a free space or a room that you can use as storage while you’re moving. You can delegate some of the moving tasks to them – packing, labeling, loading the truck. If they agree to help you, make sure you book them at least a week or two in advance. 

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Shelves are very helpful

When you’ve arrived at your new location, and you need additional storage space, don’t forget about shelves. They are neat and convenient solutions to many storage problems. Hanging cabinets are also a good idea. That will give you more surface where you can place your items, but it won’t bother you while you move through the apartment. 

Watch out for the dimensions when moving to a studio apartment

If you’re moving some of the furniture from your old apartment into the new one, make sure you do all the measuring beforehand. If you hire NJ movers, then we will think about all of the logistics problems. On the other hand, if you decide to do it yourself – don’t forget to measure every doorframe, angle, and furniture dimensions. Plan the route you will take when carrying the furniture piece in your apartment. If your apartment is, for example, on the fifth story of the building then also make sure you plan the rest spots. The friends and family that you invite over to help you carry the furniture and items from the truck to the apartment should be the ones that you can communicate clearly with. You don’t want any additional stress on a moving day, and bad communication can often lead to injury in these situations! 

Tips and tricks for moving to a studio apartment

There are some of the simple tips that you can easily utilize – they will help you make your life there more comfortable.

What to do when you’re done  relocating to a studio apartment

  • Become aware of the benefits of living in the studio apartment: When you’re living in a studio apartment, your rent is lower, your utility bills are lower and you don’t have to spend hours and hours on cleaning. The chances are, your studio apartment is also in an excellent location, so you don’t have to pay much for fuel. 
  • Make an inventory of your items: When you have a list of the items that are in your apartment and in your storage, you won’t spend hours looking for something that’s in other locations. You can make an electronic inventory which will make your inventory extremely easy to browse through. You’ll know where your item is placed in a matter of seconds. 
  • Sell bulky furniture: When you sell the bulky furniture pieces, you can use the cash to buy a new, compact, smaller one that fits the size and space of your apartment.

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Hire a professional moving company

Sometimes, the solution to moving to a studio apartment is simple. You don’t need to have everything ready in order to start your new life on the right foot – sometimes we can do it for you. Our main goal is to help you realize the move just the way you want it. With us, moving can be stress and inconvenience-free experience – make sure to give us a call! Our team is more than ready to answer all of your burning questions about the moving process, storage solutions,  our reasonable prices, and insurance options. Your move doesn’t have to be the worst, most stressful time of the year. Are you ready to book a stress-free move that you’ve been dreaming of?

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