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Things to do after moving to Ramsey

unpacking boxes after moving to Ramsey

Now that your relocation is over, and your Ramsey movers have left, you may think it’s all over. The stressful moving period can feel like it’s never going to end. That’s why you feel such a relief once you enter your new home and wave to the moving truck that’s leaving. However, you still have a bunch of things left to do after moving to Ramsey. Sure, you should definitely feel excited about this change of scenery, but don’t relax just yet! The post-moving period doesn’t have to be stressful, but it sure is eventful. We’ve compiled a bit of a guide on what to do after relocating to Ramsey and how to organize it all so you don’t lose your sanity.

What to do first after moving to Ramsey

Once you step into your new home, you will be overwhelmed both by relief and anxiety. Why so? Well, the moving process itself is over, but you aren’t settled into the new life just yet. Everywhere you look there are piles of moving boxes, suitcases, and bags. This is what may cause anxiety and where people panic. Now, if there’s anything you’ve learned from this relocation process is that good organization is the key to everything. Start by putting down on paper everything that you need to do and sorting through the priorities. Here’s how we would do it:

First of all, make sure your new home is sparkling clean

An empty house or an apartment is the easiest one to clean. There’s nothing worse than unpacking everything and realizing that the surfaces are still dirty. Then you’d have even bigger chaos on your hands! Start by going on a cleaning spree. If the previous owners or tenants have been kind, they have probably already done most of the job for you. Cleaning before you leave the place is proper etiquette. In that case, the most you need to do is just vacuum and dust surfaces, depending on how long the house was empty. On the other hand, if the house is really dirty, it is a good idea to visit it before the movers drop off the boxes. Organize a team to help you clean, and then you won’t have to worry about it after you finish moving to Ramsey.

Green mop on a brown wooden floor

Secondly, start unpacking your moving boxes

We know that all those cardboard moving boxes seem like a nightmare to unpack. Now that you know what a team it took to pack the boxes before moving to Ramsey, you may be reluctant to unpack them at first. Having a good plan for unpacking will save you not only your energy but also your time. If you’ve got an essentials moving box, start by unpacking them first. That will help you feel more at home and give you some time to settle down. After that, go on by unpacking boxes for the bathroom and the bedroom. Those are the 2 top priority rooms. The kitchen should follow after those two are finished.

Before moving to Ramsey, make a layout of your new home

Even though we are discussing post-move organization here, this should come before your movers do. But, it is also included in the post-move period. The thing we are mentioning here is the layout of your furniture. No matter if you’re buying new furniture or moving your old one, you have to make sure they can all fit in your new home. The number one tip you will get from all furniture movers is to measure everything twice. If possible, it would also be a good idea to make a sketch of how it will all look like in the end. Because, after you move, you don’t want to be worrying about will your furniture fit or not!

Don’t forget to change your postal address!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve moved locally or across the country. Your postal address will differ, and you should see to it that you change it as soon as possible! Otherwise, you will keep getting mail at your old address. You can do it online on the USPS website, which makes it super convenient. Otherwise, you can get to know your new town and walk to the nearest post office and do it in person. In any case, if you get any mail at your old home, get in touch with the new owners/renters. They can easily mail it back to you if it’s necessary.

Closeup of a mailbox in front of a house

It’s not that hard to make new friends after moving to Ramsey

This advice goes especially for people who have moved long-distance. It’s never easy leaving everyone you know behind and moving to a completely new area. However, it’s not that difficult to make new friends! Go say hi to your new neighbors and invite them over for dinner. Spend a little extra time with your co-workers after work and meet their friends. It always seems so easy for kids to make new friends so easily, but it’s not that hard for adults either! It just requires a bit more time and effort. After all, you won’t completely abandon and forget your old friends. Make sure to keep in touch and invite them over if you can! They will appreciate it and would love to see where you live after moving to Ramsey.

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Get to know Ramsey and enjoy your new life in New Jersey!

So close to NYC, but still a fairly calm area, Ramsey is a great choice for families and people who prefer a bit quieter neighborhoods. The familiar you are with the area, the more comfortable you will feel living in it! Moving to Ramsey should be an exciting adventure for all.

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