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Things to consider when downsizing to a smaller home

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The move is a time when you fall out of your own routine and instead of peace, restlessness begins to prevail. At least while the relocation process itself lasts. And when a person enters something unknown, you don’t feel safe and that is where the stress begins. Things are even harder if you are downsizing to a smaller home, so let’s see how to stay sane and enjoy the process.

The first thing to know when downsizing to a smaller home

When you are downsizing to a smaller home the first thing to keep in mind is – it’s not the end of the world. The crucial thing is to prepare and organize very well. Start by calling the reliable NJ movers and packers and entrust them with your upcoming move. Then, see all the advantages of a smaller home and just enjoy the ride. Let’s see what’s the best way to do this.

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Plan your move

How to start? First of all, plan well and get started as early as you can. If you have a lot of bulky or heavy items, consult with furniture movers NJ. Then, write down on paper everything you need to pack from the space you live in… but don’t forget the basement, garage, or maybe attic. When you downsize to a small home, you might not have space for everything.

So – think about what you have to do before you leave your current place of residence. Check your residence or household, maybe sell some furniture that you can’t or don’t want to take with you, and so on. This can be challenging so plan on time… You will probably discover you have more things than you think! Also, be sure to empty the freezer and see what you will do with your food.

Be organized

Depending on the distance from your current place of residence to your future one, predict how long it will take you to move. It may be a couple of hours, one day, and even two or more days if you are moving long distance. Seek help from friends and loved ones to help you with packing things if possible. Of course, you can always ask movers that will pack your things much faster.

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Get rid of the garbage

Relocation is a special occasion where you realize how many things you don’t really need. Everything you haven’t used in two years you probably won’t even use anymore. Give it to someone if it’s still good to use, donate – or even throw it in the trash if it’s not. A smaller home usually means less space so keep that in mind.

All your boxes need to have labels

When you pack, sort moving boxes by rooms. Write a detailed list of the things inside each box. For example, go to pack the kitchen and write: pots, pans, glasses, etc. Pack fragile items in plastic boxes if you have them. Of course, wrap them first in a newspaper or any other paper.

Disassembly of furniture

You may need to disassemble the furniture when moving. For this task, it’s maybe smarter to hire professional movers Edison NJ. Here it is important to pay attention to the screws and other small parts that you will need when you reassemble the furniture. You can put the screws in the bag and glue them well to the corresponding piece of furniture. Disassembled furniture should be well protected with protective foil so that it is not scratched during transport. Keep in mind that you will have less furniture in your new home, so take the ones you really like with you.

Cleaning is easier

Cleaning a small place is much easier than the big one, so that’s good news. There are also many guides on how to organize a smaller home and this can be fun to do. We recommend cleaning twice. Once when everything is taken out and once you put everything in its place. Maybe someone will like the idea of cleaning during packaging more, but we only recommend it if you are very well organized.

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Ease the transition – psychological preparation

This mostly applies to relocation if you have children. Of course, it can be hard for you, but if your children had a room and now they don’t – it can be stressful. It would be good to get to know the environment you are moving to in advance; maybe ride a bike or go to the park with them. Children should be told about the positive aspects of relocation, but not making any idealizations. You should always tell the truth about what they may not like.

Try telling your children why or what you are grateful for moving to a smaller home. For example, I am grateful because we are moving to a new home, I am grateful because we will be together, I am grateful because our children will have a large playground and the like. If you are able to, immediately involve your children in some activities in the place where your new home is. In addition to learning to move around the city faster (if you have moved to a new city), you will make friends with other parents who will bring their children to training.

Remember to eat regularly and get enough sleep

Don’t let all this relocation to smaller place stress kick you out of your normal life pace. Try to eat normally and regularly and get enough sleep. That way you will be less nervous. Cook in advance or order ready-made food so that you don’t have to cook with all the un-packaging work going on at home. Good luck!

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