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The benefits of moving container rental

Moving container rental

Moving container rental isn’t something that first comes to mind when relocation is in question. While it should be, renting a shipping container for moving since it has a lot of benefits. Sure, it doesn’t come with conveniences that hiring company conducting moving services NJ provides, but it is a nice solution. Especially if you are having a tighter moving budget.  If you’re thinking about renting a moving container take a look at some of its advantages.

Loading and unloading is a piece of cake when using moving container rental

While your vehicle may require auto shipping, the common household items you can move on your own. Using moving container rental will be much easier than renting a moving truck. Mostly because its accessibility which is on a much higher level. There’s no need to contemplate the elaborate plan for loading and unloading your items. Moving containers are a lot easier and safer in this matter. You will be in total control of how your things are placed and organized within the container.

However, with great power come to a great responsibility. It will be completely on you since no movers will be on the spot. You will be in charge, but also you won’t have anyone but yourself to blame if something goes wrong.

Increased security

Shipping containers provide much more security to your items than the moving truck. Especially if you’re planning to use it for storing your things. In that case, the moving container rental is a completely viable storage NJ option.

It’s not uncommon for things to disappear from moving trucks or during the move. If you load your rental truck in the evening, there is a possibility that you won’t find it in the driveway the next morning. Even when the stolen truck is located, the chances are that all your belongings will be already gone forever.

Something that can’t happen with shipping containers since it requires a special vehicle to move it. Not only that, but the rental moving pods are very secure with locks which are extremely hard to pick.

The chances that your things can be stolen or misplaced is minimal and even lower than hiring movers. If you fail to notice red flags for moving scams and choose unreliable or fraudulent movers, all hell can break loose.

Chest and a teddy bear

With moving container rental there is a less chance of damages

Keeping your household items safe is one of the most important moving tasks. For both local and long-distance relocations, there’s no difference. After all, some of your belongings are more than just objects in your home. They are a reminder of some nice events and come with great emotional value.

Due to its size, you can place the items in the pod tighter, enabling their shifting during transportation. Making the danger of them breaking much lower.

Broken mirror - Minimum chance of this happening with moving container rental
You can pack your things more securely.

You will pack everything on your own

As much as this is an advantage, at the same time it can come as a big disadvantage. Disassembling, packing and moving bunk beds and other big objects is a hard task. Not to mention the breakables which you need to be extremely careful with. The truth is that packing takes a lot of time and energy. That is the main reason why people are choosing to hire professional packers.

Still, while this is a most convenient and easier way to pack your home, many are having a hard time to let strangers handle their stuff. It is completely normal that you will trust more yourself than the packers. Even if that means you will have to put some extra effort.

Your household items are your personal belongings, so if you want to pack them on your own, moving container rental is the way to go. You will have complete control over the packing and loading process. It makes sense that you will take care of your things much more carefully than the movers will. After all, if anything happens to them, it will be on you.

Maximum flexibility

When you are using moving container rental, you are entirely responsible for your move. Meaning that you can plan your relocation as you see fit. You can manage your time how it’s most convenient for you. There aren’t deadlines or specific hours that movers set. Since you decide when you will move, there is no pressure.

The only timeframe you have to set is when the company will deliver a container to your home, and when it will take it away. That way, you can organize everything according to your free time. Which is especially important if you’re moving in a hurry.

It is very beneficial when you don’t have all the days to set for the move. Perhaps it is easier for you to set aside 30 minutes every day of the week than to take a day off work and cramp all the moving tasks into it. You can make time to relax and decrease the stress that moving is causing.

Stopwatch - You won't need it with moving container rental

Lower moving costs

Since relocation can be very costly, most people are looking to save money every way they can. Fees of the moving companies are pretty high. If your moving budget doesn’t allow hiring reliable movers, moving container rental is a much better solution than risking with movers with suspiciously cheap quotas.

Anyway, renting a shipping container is much more cost-effective than hiring regular movers.

Here are a few numbers to think about:

  • The average moving container rental prices are about $200 a month. Plus additional $100 for a pick-up and drop off service. Surely, the bigger and more equipped containers will probably cost more, but the expense is still much cheaper than the services of the moving company.
  • You will pay additionally for extra services such as additional storage during transport
  • The transit time during moving container rental is the major determinator of the final cost


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