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How to stage your home for quick sale

A beautiful living room.

The reasons for wanting to sell a house are numerous. You may want to upgrade due to the newest little addition to your family. You may have found a better job in a different city and now you are eager to move. Or you simply may feel like the time for some change has come. Once you decide to put your house on a market, everything you do will be centered towards achieving one goal – selling your house quickly. There is no better way to achieve that than by learning how to stage your home like a pro. Buyers love to see a well put together house and get a sense of what life there will be like. And the best thing is, some of these aren’t even that expensive. Listen to our NJ moving pros: do the following things, and you will be sealing the deal in no time!

Cleaning is the first step in staging your home for sale

You could live in a luxurious mansion and you could be selling it for peanuts – rare are those that would be willing to buy if your house weren’t clean. Nothing is a bigger repellant for buyers than a messy house. Sure, cleaning your home will take some precious time, and time may be one thing you can’t spare. But you must make an effort if you are interested in selling your home in record time.

A faucet lined with candles used to stage your home.

Don’t forget to declutter

What’s the use of cleaning your home if you are going to leave items lying around? Potential buyers will not be interested in tripping on your kid’s toys or your old fashion magazines. Instead, use those magazines to see pictures of perfectly staged houses. Is there clutter in sight? No, because experts know that nothing attracts more than that clean-cut look. It’s almost ludicrous to think that something so simple can significantly increase the value of your house. But it actually works!

Remove all personal belongings

When you are trying to stage your home for sale, you are doing it for one purpose – to enable a family to picture their lives there and decide that they like what they see. How do you expect them to picture their own daily routine if you have your cheerleading awards and medals around the house? We completely understand that these are your personal possessions that you care deeply about, and no one is saying that you should throw them away. But what you can do is store them someplace until the potential buyers are finished inspecting your home. Then you can return them to their rightful place. Until you can move them to your new house, of course!

Let there be light

A well-lit room is something heavenly. There is not a person in this world that doesn’t like natural sunlight. Besides, a well-lit room will create an illusion of a bigger space. Even though you may be trying to sell a house with tiny rooms, there is no reason why they can’t at least appear to be twice their size. A good idea that plenty of people use when staging their homes is adding mirrors. They are known to transform a small room into a more spacious one, and the best thing is that they can be bought for pocket money. It’s an easy home upgrade for under $100, which is why you need it ASAP.

A double sink with two mirrors.

Mix and match to stage your home

For some reason or another, shabby is the new chic! No one likes monotone rooms with a simple color palette that consists of only one to two tones. Today, people like to see different designs and fabrics mixed into the design of one room. Of course, you should be moderate and not overdo it. The goal is not to end up with a house that resembles a circus. No, the goal is to create a fun and stress-free zone, where a person could imagine relaxing after a hard day’s work.

Add a fresh coat of paint

No matter how much you take care of your home and how much you are careful not to spill a drop of any fluid, your walls are bound to get that worn-out look after a few years. Rest assured that no one will be calling residential NJ movers to move them to a house with dirty walls. For that reason, you should add a fresh coat of paint when staging your home for sale. And even if your walls are not dirty, they could still use a breath of fresh air, couldn’t they? The best thing? It’s one of those cheap home upgrades that won’t break the bank, so you have no excuses for not doing it!

A blue desk in front of a blue wall.

You can best stage your home for sale by paying attention to the curb appeal

First impressions sell, and there is no one that will tell you otherwise. When going to an open house, the first things people see are not the hardwood floors, nor the elegant windows. The first thing they lay their eyes upon is the overall look of your home. They see how well the grass is kept, they search for any greenery, the exterior paint, etc. If you make sure that the outside is spotless, you may have some room for error on the inside. That’s why it’s very important to make your curb appeal, well, appealing.

In the end, to stage your house is not rocket science. You don’t have to spend bundles of cash into doing it, but you do have to invest something much more important – your precious time. But rest assured that all of your efforts will be rewarded once you move into your new dream home!

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