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Spring moving guide

grass and flowers are a common sight during spring moving

Moving your home is often unpredictable. With so many things to think about, missing something out is always a possibility. It doesn’t really matter when you are moving – it will always be quite hectic. However, when you are talking about spring moving, then things become even more “fun”. Along with all the moving chores you will already have, there is the unpredictable weather to think about. Together with that, Bluebell Relocation Services NJ always gets a surge in clients in spring – it is the start of the moving season, after all! So, planning your spring move is a must! Luckily, in this article, you can learn all the necessary things that you need to know to make your move easy and – dare we say it – fun!

Start planning well in advance!

As we already mentioned, one of the biggest issues with moving during spring is just how busy it can get. Reliable cross country movers NJ get hundreds of clients at this time, So, in order to get the date that works for you – as well as goo movers, you need to start planning on time. Experts usually recommend at least two months for a small family home. This is often enough time for you to pack everything up, get in touch with your movers and do the final preparations.

a plan

However, there is a lot to plan for those two months. And you will get a good start if you sit down and just write everything down on paper. Creating a moving checklist like this is beneficial for many reasons. it will stop you from forgetting anything since you can add things on it as you go. It will also allow you to plan things in advance by knowing what’s upcoming. Finally, it is great for helping you deal with stress. When you see just how far you have come by crossing things off the list, you will get a morale boost that’s very needed during a spring move.

The same applies to your utilities

The same can be said about transferring utilities -you need to do it as soon as you can. Spring moving means a lot of people will be calling their companies in order to try and transfer utilities. So, the earlier you do it, the less time you will spend waiting on hold.

The problem here is remembering all that you need to cancel, though. This is yet another one of the importance of having a good plan. Remember to cancel your heat, electrical and water utilities. You will also want to call your internet provider and talk about the move, setting up a new connection in your new home. Then, there is also cable and phone to think about, too. So, when you sit down to write everything out, also plan when you are going to call utility companies as well.

The weather might be the biggest issue with spring moving

Of all the challenges you will have to face when moving your home during spring, the weather is probably the most unexpected one. Spring weather is notorious for being completely unpredictable. You might have stretches of amazing weather followed by a downpour in a single afternoon. In some parts of the country – you might even have snow! Something similar applies to New Jersey – the weather can change at this time of the year.

a person jumping into a puddle

Unfortunately, you cannot really plan for the weather when spring moving. However, it’s good to have a backup plan just in case something goes awry when the weather is not being nice to you. For example, you will want to have movers come a few days earlier than you might need. This way, even if they are delayed by the bad weather, you will not be late when moving. Similarly, if your new home is a few hours away from your old one, you might want to take the whole day to move instead of a few hours.

Get furniture covers nearby. If it starts raining, you will be able to protect the furniture items from rain if it starts pouring. Finally, get the moving truck closet your home or your storage unit. This way, not only will you be able to load it up fast, but you will also protect your items further from the rain.

Allergies can play with you when spring moving as well

Another thing that spring brings is pollen. This is one of the biggest allergies seasons in the world! If you are suffering from allergies, then you will need to take care of that as well. Plants are always blooming all around you in the spring – and this applies to New Jersey, too. All of these amazing flowers spread pollen, which can easily get into your house through your furniture and boxes.

a woman with allergies

One way to deal with this is to ensure your boxes are sealed up during transport. This way, you will be able to reduce the amounts of pollen you are bringing in. All you will need is to get rid of the boxes later. The same applies to your clothes and shoes – make sure you wash them after the move thoroughly. You will be able to reduce the pollen and consequences by doing this.

Get a good moving company to help you

Finally, one of the best ways to deal with spring moving is to get a good moving company to help you! There are many good movers, but none better than Bluebell Relocation Services NJ! We are logistics and moving experts. We will turn your move into an easy and stress-free experience! All that you need to do is to contact us! Time is important – so don’t waste a second longer!

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