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If you have ever moved in your life, then you know just how important a moving company is in the whole process. They are your partners in crime – and they will help with each step of the move. This is why it’s very important to find a good and reliable moving company, and there is no better one than Bluebell Relocation Services NJ! If you are moving to Shrewsbury, NJ, then we are movers to call!

Shrewsbury movers might not take you to Shrewsbury, England, but they are still great!

Shrewsbury, New Jersey

Shrewsbury is the name of a borough in Monmouth County in the state New Jersey. The name comes from Shrewsbury in England, which itself has a couple of theories when it comes to its origin. It is not a huge borough. According to the United States Census Bureau, there are around 2.200 square miles, 0.032 of which are water.

This area is the home to almost 4,000 people, but the population keeps growing. In 1990, this number was around three thousand, which shows clear improvement in the borough.

Your Shrewsbury movers await!

If you decide to move to Shrewsbury, then Bluebell Relocation Services NJ are the ones you want by your side! We are professional and affordable Shrewsbury movers who care about your needs. Our main goal is to make your relocation perfect! So call us today and begin your new Shrewsbury adventure!