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Searching for real estate in Elizabeth

A man searching for real estate in Elizabeth

If you have decided to move and stay in Elizabeth, it is wise to consider investing in some real estate. And while Elizabeth movers can help with the relocation itself, you will have to take care of the search for your new home on your own. Well, not completely on your own, as the following few lines ought to help you narrow down your choice to some quality options.

What are you looking for in a house?

Before you delve into your detailed scoping of all internet pages regarding real estate in Elizabeth, it would be best that you sit down and make a list of what is it exactly that you are looking for. And the way to get the most accurate list is by answering these questions:

  1. How big is the budget you are able to allocate?
  2. How big does your new home need to be?
  3. Are you moving with a family? Does your family have a chance of expanding in the near future?
  4. How much of an important role does the neighborhood play in your choice?
  5. Are you moving with pets?
  6. Do you need a backyard?

As you can see, the first question is the most important one, and the other’s pertinence gradually lowers. It is important to have this approach when deciding what you will buy.

A colorful line of homes

The importance of setting the right budget

Purchasing a house or an apartment is a big investment. Chances are you will probably have to take a loan in order to purchase your new home, and then spend years paying it off. With that in mind, you want to be smart, objective and honest when deciding which sum you are willing to give. And before you go all out, and give all of the cash that you have, consider the following:

  • you will have to furnish your new home. While your current one already has furniture, chances are you will have to add something, cover a few repairs, or even renovate the place.
  • as you are moving, you will probably need assistance from local movers NJ. However fantastic, polite and efficient these movers are, they still work for money.

What we are getting at is that your expenses do not end with the purchase of your real estate. So, it is important to take all of these into account when setting your budget.

Making your search for real estate in Elizabeth simpler

Another great thing about setting your budget right away is that you will know what’s the price you are willing to cover, and thus exclude all that goes higher. This will narrow your search, save you time, and even disappointment. Just imagine finding the house of your dreams, and realizing you don’t have the money to pay for it. Knowing what not to look will spare you such heartaches.

How much will your life in Elizabeth cost?

This is also an important factor you need to be aware of. The costs of living in Elizabeth are higher than the national average. While transportation cost is the most responsible differentiator, housing takes a close second place. The median home cost is $291,400 in Elizabeth. For comparison sake, it is $329,300 in New Jersey and $231,200 in the US.

If you plan on renting here until you find a place to buy and move in, here is what you can expect to pay:

  • $970 for a studio apartment
  • $1105 for a one-bedroom apartment
  • $1345 for a two-bedroom apartment
  • $1718 for a three-bedroom apartment
  • $2005 for a four-bedroom apartment
A top of a building

What to expect from the neighborhoods in Elizabeth?

The municipality of Elizabeth is made up of at least 11 distinct districts. The most popular provinces include Midtown, Bayway, Downtown, Elizabethport, Elmora, Frog Hollow, Keighry Head, North Elizabeth, Peterstown, the Point and Westminister.

Midtown is the main commercial district. It is always busy and has the hustle and bustle of business activity. This neighborhood is also popular for its rich history. Here you can find the First Presbyterian Church, a battleground for the Revolutionary War, and the Ritz Theater that has had people clapping from 1926.

Downtown Elizabeth, although just as busy, bares both business and residential properties. Homes and apartments are mostly of colonial-style. The Elizabeth Marina, also known as E-Port, sits in the city center. This is also the oldest neighborhood in the city, and as such has many tales to tell.

If you are looking for large homes, start your search in Westminster. Here, the Elizabeth River runs off to North Avenue, and homes stand tall and wide in their Tudor and old Victorian style. This is a more affluent area of town, and it clearly shows through freshly mowed landscapes and dreamy architecture. Peterstown is a more middle-class neighborhood. You will find a lot of Italians here, as their families immigrated to this part the most.

Real estate in Elizabeth that suits your lifestyle

As mentioned, buying real estate in Elizabeth is a big investment, and you really want to do it right on your first try. So, if you have a family of two with a tendency to become a family of three, four or more, chances are you won’t find a one-bedroom apartment enough. Private schools in Elizabeth tend to produce better results than public ones. Have that in mind when looking for your target neighborhood. Also, if you have a dog, it might be best that you find a home that is adjacent to a park. These should not take precedence on your list but should be taken into consideration, if possible.

A bench in a park

When searching for real estate in Elizabeth, you want to provide a comfortable life for you and your family members. Have a conversation with them, and find out what is it that they find paramount for their everyday living. If you are a single parent with a toddler, you will have to be extra smart, and make those important decisions for your little one. Howbeit, the city of Elizabeth truly offers a plethora of possibilities, and you shouldn’t find it too hard to find just the right home.

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