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Safety guidelines for moving heavy furniture long distance

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Moving requires a lot of work. You must work on the moving logistics, pack the right way, and find reliable residential movers NJ. And to find a proper moving team is important, especially when moving heavy furniture long distance. So, let us provide a few tips and tricks on how to handle everything and relocate your furniture safely.

Moving heavy furniture long distance – how to prepare?

Firstly, you must create a moving checklist and an inventory list. To do it right, you should inspect all your belonging and the furniture you want to relocate. Once you do, you will realize the complexity of the move and packing materials required. And when you obtain all the info, you can calculate your moving costs and start looking for movers NJ to assist your further. When you find a reliable moving crew, give them a call and let them finalize your moving plan.

Hire a reliable moving team when moving heavy furniture long distance

What does the professional moving company offer?

Why is so important to find adequate furniture movers NJ? The answer is simple! They have all the tools, equipment, manpower, knowledge, and appropriate moving van. With such a setup, they are able to relocate your heavy furniture without any damages. Also, the top-notch service they offer is affordable to anyone. But more importantly, it is the safest and most lucrative way of relocating robust pieces you possess. Therefore, put it all on paper and realize how much you can invest and which moving services are viable to you.

Utilize onsite estimates when moving heavy furniture long distance

Now when you decided on enlisting professional help, you should schedule onsite estimates. It is the best way to obtain the exact moving price and your movers will have a better insight into the whole deal. The moving representative will inspect the environment, your cargo, and most importantly, all the robust furniture you hold. This way they can organize in such a way to cover each moving step safely and efficiently. And the fact that this service is completely free, makes it even more appealing.

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Pack smart but safely

You can either do this one yourself or enlist professional packers. Whatever works better for you. If you choose movers, they will bring all the materials and prepare your furniture for the long voyage. But if you choose to handle this one yourself, cover the following:

  • Clean – Refresh your furniture a bit before you wrap it up nicely. Clean your furniture thoroughly and bring it refreshed into your new environment.
  • Disassemble – Yes, you should disassemble what you can. Remember that some furniture is designed to stay in one piece.
  • Protection – You can use blister packs, blankets, sheets, a tarp, or cardboard moving boxes. Cardboard is amazing as a buffer, corner pad, or to hold smaller pieces like screws and bolts. Wrap each piece individually and you are good to go.

Add another layer of protection

You can never be too safe when moving heavy furniture long distance. Yes, movers will handle the hardest part and handle your furniture professionally. But there is always a chance for a moving injury or other unfortunate events. Therefore, you should add another layer of protection by purchasing moving insurance. Ask your movers what kind of insurance they offer. This way you will keep your furniture safe. As for your movers, don’t worry, they know how to take care of themselves.

Ok, now you are ready for moving heavy furniture long distances. It is quite simple as long as you have skilled and reliable movers with you. Good luck and be careful when relocating. We wish you the safest move possible.

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