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Rooftop trends in New Jersey

The most popular rooftop trends in New Jersey are with hotels and bars, for now!

Moving to a building or a house with a wonderful, opened rooftop? Until now rooftops were usually unused, empty, spaces. But, did you know that you can renovate and make a beautiful garden or place for a nap on your rooftop? If you have found a new place to live and you want to relocate, you should hire professional Chatham movers to assist you with the move. In the meanwhile, you can research what are the most popular rooftop trends in New Jersey!

However, today we will talk about the rooftop trends in New Jersey and give you some nice ideas for the renovation! Let’s begin!

The most popular Rooftop Trends in New Jersey

Whether you are making short or a long-distance move, you should hire a professional moving company and get their moving services. If you can choose the period for the move, you will definitely pick summer! The moving process is usually a perfect time for renovation too. If you are moving to New Jersey you will be able to visit a lot of rooftop bars because they are dictating rooftop trends in New Jersey for now. However, if you don’t want a bar, there are a lot of other ideas to renovate your empty rooftop!

  • Rooftop as a place to relax
  • Make a Colorful Garden
  • Illuminated, solar-powered, furniture
  • Automatic Watering
Woman relaxing in the pool.

Rooftop as a Place to Relax

You don’t have to be like everyone else. If you have an open rooftop you can make whatever you like out of it. If you are a person who likes to relax, chill and watch the sunset, we have an idea for you! Clean your rooftop and place a sofa, some chairs, and a table there! Summer has nice and warm days and nobody wants to spend time inside! In this situation, you can use a rooftop for nice family gatherings, playing board games or just relax and chat. You can also install a grill and organize a bbq night from time to time!


Make A Colorful Garden

If you are a person who likes plants and flowers, an empty rooftop can be a perfect place for you! Be creative! Use your old garden chairs and repaint them into some bright and “happy” colors, such as orange, red, green, yellow or blue! You can also paint every chair differently. Gather some plastic bottles and cut the top on them, fill them in with soil and plant a flower in each bottle. You can arrange all those bottles however you like and it won’t cost much either! You can also pick a corner on your rooftop to grow a mini garden! It will look wonderful!

Person planting plants.

Illuminated, solar-powered, furniture

One of the usual problems with having an outdoor rooftop is the lighting. You see, light can not refract on your rooftop, there are no walls or a roof! There is a solution, however. What you can do is place a couple of pieces of furniture that are illuminated and powered by solar energy. Sure, they might cost you a bit more than traditional furniture, but their unique combination of visual and aesthetic elements is quite striking. Not to mention that some of them can have USB ports, as well!

The idea for Rooftop Renovation in New Jersey – Automatic Watering

We usually leave our homes during the summer. We either go on a vacation or on a small trip somewhere. In any case, we have a prolonged period when we are not home. Our plants and gardens still need to be watered, even if we are not around. The solution to this is to install an automated watering system. This is one of the newer trends that people in NJ are starting to adopt. They are cheaper than they have ever been and you can even control them via your cell phone!

Popular Rooftop Bars in New Jersey

For now, bars and restaurants are dictating the rooftop trends in New Jersey. If you are moving to New Jersey you will definitely have a chance to visit one or even all of those bars if you want! Therefore, you should call your professional mover, get their packing services and move to New Jersey as soon as you can!  Some of the most popular rooftop bars in New Jersey that you should definitely stop by are:

  • RoofTop At Exchange Place. Excellent place for lunch, dinner, happy hour, cocktail night or a weekend night out with live DJ’s.
  • Salvation. Very stylish rooftop cocktail bar.
  • Skinner’s Loft. Nice pub located in the heart of the Downtown Pedestrian Mall.
  • The Dubliner – Hoboken. This is a large Irish bar and restaurant with a lovely rooftop terrace.
  • Alice’s. Grab a spot on the second floor at the rooftop deck and enjoy your drink, dinner and of course, wonderful view!
  • The Retreat at Hilton Short Hills. This is a bar with a relaxing rooftop terrace.
Party. People cheering with drinks.

Hire a Professional Mover to move to New Jersey

Hiring a professional mover is highly recommended in order to avoid unnecessary moving stress and save time. Whether you are moving locally or you are making an interstate move, Hoboken movers will be there to help and relocate all your belongings safely. If you want to save some money, you should hire a professional mover on off-peak days. A professional moving company is not in high demand during the off-peak days so you might even get a discount on their services. Every professional mover has a lot of moving services and some of those are:

The Bars and restaurants are, for now, the main dictators of rooftop trends in New Jersey. If you have an empty rooftop in your new building, you should talk to your neighbors about the renovation! You can make a nice garden, a place for relaxation, but also, a playground for your kids. Think about it and you will definitely get some good idea! All the best!

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