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Questions to ask your local movers before moving day

Relocation is a process. It is made of several smaller things merged into one. And you want to make sure that everything goes perfectly. The most important thing when moving is the moving company. They are the ones everything depends on. Of course, there are many different moving companies NJ that offer moving services. Problem is that not all of them are suitable for you. You want to filter through and make sure that you have the proper ones. In order to achieve this, there are some questions to ask your local movers that will tell you whether you have the right choice. Find out what to ask your movers and be sure that your relocation process will be a success.

writing down questions to ask your local movers
There are many questions you should ask, so better prepare

What questions to ask your local movers?

When looking for the right movers, you will have a ton of questions that you want to ask. But, not all questions will give you vital information. Some are just more important and if you want to be on the safe side, you want to ask them!

  • License
  • Insurance
  • Experience
  • Price
  • Payment


The first question that you want to ask movers before the moving day is whether they have a license. Every moving company is obliged to have a license issued by USDOT. It is a kind of insurance for you.  By knowing this, you can instantly know that the moving company is legitimate and that it will not try to scam you. This is the best way to avoid moving scams because fraudulent moving companies do not have licenses. If you find a company that does not have this license, be sure to avoid them altogether.


Moving is a delicate task. You have to be careful but your movers have to be careful too. What we mean is that movers deal with people’s belongings and there is a small room for mistakes. But, mistakes still happen! If a mistake occurs, you want to be protected as much as you can. One of the most important things when moving is insurance.

Questions about insurance are important because they can tell you whether you should insure yourself additionally. Not all movers offer full value protection. That means that if something bad happens. you will not be fully secured and covered. You will lose more money than you are compensated and you certainly do not want this!


Another important thing that you should address with movers is their experience. Experience is very important because it says you whether the company is suitable for your kind of move. Even though you may have a small move, that does not mean that you should be moved by someone that does not have enough experience. There are many moving companies that can move you but you always want to have the best ones. Experience says a lot about the company so never avoid asking about this matter, even if you are moving just a block away! There are many benefits of hiring professional packers and movers for your move and you should always use them.

Experience is very important when moving


When it comes to price, you want to be careful. People usually want to get the best service but not to pay a lot. In reality, you can’t expect something like this. If you want to have the best experience, you will have to pay. Questions about the price are very important because they can say a lot about the company. But, how to know the price before the relocation?

Before you hire a moving company, you should ask for a moving estimate NJ. It is an estimation of the price of the move. Of course, it can vary but it should not be a big difference. There are many kinds of estimations so you need to inform yourself about this matter too. Always ask for the binding moving estimate. It prevents a moving company from increasing the price of the move at the last moment.

Ask about hidden fees

When it comes to the price of the move, many movers pull hidden fees out of their hats. It is something that could ruin your mood because you did not know anything about this. Now that you know, you should always ask whether there are some fees you should know about. Hidden fees are not a sign of a big scam but you should always know whether you will have to pay even more than you expected.

Moving is expensive, pay attention to hidden fees in particular


Now that you have established the price of the move, there are more questions to ask your local movers about the money. You should ask about payment options. The most common practice in the moving industry is to pay when the move ends. No mover asks that you make the full payment before they finish their job, even for a small move. There are many moving companies in NJ for small moves and if you stumble across one that asks you to pay all in advance, you should be alarmed. It is usually a sign of a moving scam and if you pay the full price, there is very little you can do to save yourself. After all, everything is a matter of a deal and you should always think about what is the best option for you!


You can see that there are various questions to ask your local movers before you make a deal. You probably have many more in your head. The key here is to decide what questions are more important. Not all of them will give you vital information about the move and movers. You want to get as much as you can in order to make your decisions much easier. If you want to hire the best movers, you need to ask proper questions. Never back down or avoid to ask. Even though it may seem that the question is not important, ask it anyway. After all, you are the one that is paying for the job. But, be sure to always ask questions located on this list because they will make everything much easier for you!

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