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Pros and cons of living in Trenton NJ

monument in New Jersey that you will have an opportunity to visit when living in Trenton NJ

Moving is all about changes. Even if you are just moving locally, you will still need to live in a different house, thus experiencing something new. When you decide to move to a completely new city, the change gets even bigger. It can be difficult to adjust to a new life in the city. Everything seems so different yet the same since every single city mostly has the same infrastructure and people. However, in order to overcome the difference, you need to learn about your new city before you start looking for relocation services NJ. For this reason, here are all the pros and cons of living in Trenton NJ. 

Find out about the city 

Trenton is the capital city of New Jersey. However, it is not so popular like some other capital in the USA, most notably NYC of its neighboring state. Still, it once served as the capital of the USA in 1784. Today, Trenton has economic ties with the Delaware Vally and Philadelphia mostly, and some not as strong with the New York area. Again, the population of Trenton is much smaller compared to the other capital cities, with only 84,913 people living here. In addition to this, the city has many historic districts and monuments due to its long history and importance since it was the capital briefly. However, there are many impoverished neighborhoods as well as neighborhoods with a strong working-class atmosphere. This should not paint the city in an unfavorable light. It is important to know all its pros and cons before you hire reliable movers NJ 

city landscape

Pros of living in Trenton NJ 

It is always better to start on a positive note. For this reason, you should first read all the advantages of living in Trenton rather than all the disadvantages first. The advantages include the following. 

  • Low crime rate 
  • The weather  
  • Culture/art and people 

The crime rate 

It is extremely important to live in a city that is safe so you can feel comfortable. Spending thousands and thousands of dollars on buying a house, organizing a move, paying one of the moving companies Trenton NJ will not be worth it if your new city has a high crime rate. However, Trenton and New Jersey in general have lower crime rates than some bigger states. Experts explain that this low crime rate is due to the rural landscape with smaller towns. For this reason, Trenton might be the most popular among seniors. This demographic group benefits the most from living in a quiet and safe city.  

The weather 

There is nothing overly special about the weather in New Jersey and Trenton. However, this is exactly the reason why it is considered an advantage. Trenton has four seasons. This means you can enjoy having spring, summer, fall, and winter as well. Winters are cold with a couple of snowstorms while the temperature is usually around 45 degrees. Fall and spring have mild temperatures. Springs are especially pretty when flowers start to bloom and trees grow green leaves. Lastly, summers are quite hot and humid since temperatures can reach 90 or more degrees. For someone that is moving from Florida or California or any other primarily sunny state, having four seasons is surely an advantage. 

living in Trenton NJ for yellow flowers

Culture/art and people 

 The last advantage mentioned here would be Trenton’s culture and art as well as people. First of all, people are generally very friendly and welcoming. The city’s population is also quite diverse, the largest ethnic groups include African Americans, Puerto Rican, Italian, and so on. As mentioned in the beginning, Trenton has a rich history. Some of the important historical landmarks include the following. 

  • New Jersey State House 
  • Trenton War Memorial 
  • New Jersey State Museum 
  • Old Barracks 
  • Trenton Battle Monument 

The cons of living in Trenton NJ 

Now, it is time to read about all the disadvantages of living in Trenton. In short, it is quite expensive to live here due to the higher cost of living and overall taxes. The schools are not the best and the economy could improve. 

Taxes and cost of living 

As mentioned, New Jersey might have one of the highest taxes in the entire USA. Personal income tax varies from 5.5% two 8.97% depending on your salary. In addition to this, sales tax is 6.62% while property taxes are higher than in any other USA state and they are increasing every year by 2%. For this reason, it is quite expensive and not exactly affordable to live in New Jersey. Housing costs are also higher than the national average which makes it harder to purchase a property in NJ. The quality of health care is not the best in the state which is surprising since it’s quite expensive to live here. 

brick house

Schools and the economy 

If you plan to move with kids, then, be careful. Most of New Jersey’s students score lower than the national average. For this reason, make sure to enroll your kids only at the best schools. There are a couple of them in Trenton so do your research before relocation. Contact each school to see if your kids can attend it. On a similar note, the economy is not great. Many people have to find a job outside the city. This makes the commute time much longer than it should be. Therefore, make sure to find a suitable and decent job for yourself. It would be better if you can land a job before moving to Trenton rather than go job hunting after the move 

All the pros and cons of living in Trenton NJ 

As you can see, Trenton has an equal number of pros and cons. You cannot find a city that is perfect. Everything in life has both positive and negative sides. For this reason, see if you can tolerate the cons while you enjoy all the advantages. Life in Trenton is exciting and comfortable. With a high-paying job, you can have a good life 

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