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Pre-move measuring checklist

pre-move measuring

There are so many things you have to do before your moving day. From hiring residential movers NJ to packing your belongings in boxes and moving them to your new home. Let’s be honest, the entire moving checklist may be overwhelming and can cause you to stress out over your relocation. However, that only happens when you do not have clearly set out tasks on the list. For instance, we always recommend that your moving checklist has many smaller tasks on it. That way, you won’t start to panic or avoid certain big tasks that take a long time! Some of them include pre-move measuring of your new home. So, let’s dive more into detail about this particular part of your relocation process, to show you why it is so important! 

people making a moving checklist

Why do you need to create a pre-move measuring checklist?

When you’re moving to a new home, you will likely be moving most of your belongings. This doesn’t just include the boxes you’ve filled with stuff. It also applies to your furniture, appliances, and other bulky objects. Although some people may choose to leave this behind (or sell them, for that matter), you may want to bring them with you. Whether you go with the first or the second option, you should know that the moving quotes NJ for each of them will be quite different. Sometimes, it is way more affordable to leave old furniture behind and get new pieces, than relocate old ones you will end up changing anyway. 

On the other hand, if you want to move it all with you, you have to realize that your new home isn’t going to have the same dimensions and layout as your old home. Now, when you’re working with professional moving companies NJ, they will ultimately be the ones who will be handling your bulky objects and furniture. That is why you shouldn’t be surprised when they ask you to do a bit of pre-move measuring. They need to know a few measures in order to bring the proper equipment and to know how they’ll transport everything safely. So, what exactly will they need you to measure? Let’s find out.

Things you need to measure before you move

First things first, you will need to measure some of your furniture. As we already said, moving companies in NJ for small moves won’t care about the size of your moving boxes. What they will care about is the size of the furniture you want to relocate. When they’re doing an in-home estimate, they will likely ask you which furniture will they be relocating, in order to take the measurements they need. For instance, they’ll measure your sofa, your armchairs, dressers, bookshelves, tables and desks, and so on. In some cases, this type of furniture can be disassembled and moved in a more practical way. However, when they cannot do it, you want to make sure it will fit through the doors or windows of your new home.

floor plan

Pre-move measuring your furniture isn’t done only for relocation purposes. Movers NJ to NYC will also tell you that you need to be aware if you can fit everything into your new place. For instance, when you’re moving from NJ to NYC, you are likely to move to an apartment that might be smaller than your previous one. It would be very unfortunate if you decide that movers should load all your furniture into their truck only to realize later that you don’t have the space to put it in. Measuring everything that you’re moving will allow you to create a blueprint to plan the layout of your home. When you’re moving to a smaller place, this is a moving task you shouldn’t skip.

Appliances and other bulky objects are also on your pre-relocation measuring checklist

In order to move them safely, the movers will need to know how big your appliances are. For instance, if you have a smaller fridge, they may not need a big dolly to transport it to and from the truck. However, if you have a larger fridge, they will need to accommodate the equipment they bring and the number of people that should be on the job. Not only that, but many people want movers to pack and secure all of their belongings for transport. So, by measuring everything that they are moving, they will know exactly how much packing materials they’ll need to bring on moving day. When you’re properly prepared for the relocation process, you are less likely to run into any problems.

person measuring a window

And finally, the doors of your new home have to be measured as well

In the end, you’ll need to add doors and windows of your new home to your pre-move measuring checklist. In some cases, when you cannot disassemble a piece of furniture or a big appliance, you need to make sure if it’s going to fit through the door. Sometimes, the door frame can be removed to allow the movers to bring in bulky items. In other, you might have more luck with big windows rather than doors. In either case, once you have all the measurements, you’ll know exactly how your moving day will go! There will be no unexpected errors and delays. Such a simple pre-move task can make your entire relocation so much easier. Just take some extra time to get every measurement you need and you’ll be good to go.

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