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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Estimate: This is a door-to-door pickup and delivery NON-BINDING estimate based on an hourly rate according to customer information, requirements and list of items provided. The clock starts when the movers arrive at the pickup location. Estimate includes time for movers to load, travel to destination and unload the truck with a minimum of 4hrs. Moves that are coming to storage the clock DOES NOT stop when the truck leaves your origin home, but when the movers are finished unloading your goods into the warehouse. When Shipper is ready to receive their belongs, they are responsible for the time to load the truck, driving to the new home, unload and settling everything at the new location, and this time is not included in the estimate unless stated otherwise. Total move is required to be paid in full and prior shipment is relinquished of the truck.

Price/Move Details and Conditions
* Price may change based on availability and is not final until reservation is booked with deposit!
* If you did NOT provide your deposit – your move date and time is NOT confirmed!
* Price is subject to change if date/time of reservation is changed!
* Cancellation: 7 days notice prior to the move date required in order to obtain the refund of deposit and avoid penalties! (see terms below)
* Rescheduling: 7 days notice prior to the move date required in order to avoid penalties! ($200 fee)
* ATTENTION: All jobs booked from the 25th through the 5th of any month are subject to a penalty of 100% of the total price if rescheduling/cancellation notice provided within 7days of the original move date! All Cancellation or Rescheduling MUST be notified over the phone followed by a written notice either by email or regular mail.
* Price does not include the gratuity for the crew!
* Payment is accepted only by Cash, US Postal Money Order or Credit Card (4% Admin. Fee will apply)
* This price can change if the customer has more/less furniture & boxes!
* Price includes blankets for Furniture Protection.
* Price already includes free Dollies for the duration of the move.
* Price already includes all fuel and mileage, Tolls are NOT included.
* Furniture must be emptied by customer prior to the move!
* Customer must unplug any electronic components – movers will not unplug or install any electronic components!
* Customer is responsible for Muni-Meter payments!
* Waiting time charge is applicable if there are any delays caused by customer or building’s management!
* Bluebell Relocation is not responsible for delays due to road traffic conditions!
* Bluebell Relocation is not responsible for buildings’ time restrictions!
* Customer or his/her legal representative (a power of attorney must be provided prior to the move) MUST BE present at all times of move stages. If not, customer MUST ACKNOWLEDGE in writing prior to the move that Bluebell Relocation will NOT be responsible for any claims regarding the forgotten, misplaced, damaged, lost items or any such claims from buildings management!
Valuation Coverage for Your Belongings: Your belongings will be covered with free BASIC coverage of $1.00 per pound per article (item) by default as required by Department of Transportation. If you would like to purchase the optional Full Value Protection – see details below. Any additional coverage MUST be purchased at least 24 hours prior to the move and CANNOT be added on under any circumstances the day of the move! For moves into storage additional valuation is for MOVE ins only, separate coverage must be purchased for the MOVE OUT of the storage.
Cancellation/ reschedule: Move may be cancelled or reschedule with no additional charges if you contact the office by phone and email no later than 7 days prior to the move date, once move is rescheduled the deposit becomes nonrefundable. You can reschedule once with no fee, after that or within 7 days a $200 fee will apply. According to Bluebell Relocation Services cancellation policy in the event of an emergency or if I decide to cancel my move all together for various reasons, I agree to provide a minimum of 7 days notice prior to moving date in order not to be charged a cancellation fee. In the event I fail to provide Bluebell Relocation Services with 7 days notice, I agree that my deposit will become NON-REFUNDABLE, if move is canceled on the moving day, I am responsible for 100% of the estimate and will be charged on my credit card.  All jobs booked from the 25th through the 4th of any month are subject to a penalty of 100% of the total price if rescheduling/cancellation notice provided within 7 days of the original move date! Minimum Cancellation fee is $250 or 30% of the estimate, whichever is greater.
Terms of payments: Upon booking up to a 30% deposit is required to be paid in the form of credit card (Amex, Visa or MasterCard), cashier’s check, or cash to secure a move date. At pick up 50% of the total balance is due by Cash, US Postal Service Money Order or Cashier Check with no additional fee. Payments made on the pick-up day by Credit Card, will be additional 4% credit card fee. At delivery any remaining balance is due prior to unloading in the form of Post Office Money Order or Cash only. Bluebell Relocation Services reserves the right to collect up to 70% of total move prior to the goods leaving the origin home. Payment in FULL of all charges is mandatory before delivery and prior to unloading All charges are based on full tariff rates.
Credit/debit card payments: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit, debit and prepaid cards are accepted for payment of deposit and pickup payments (4% credit card fee may apply). Payments must be made with the cardholder present. Cardholder must be the shipper and must possess the actual credit/debit card and a state issued photo ID card. If the cardholder is not present or is not the shipper, a full credit card authorization form must be completed, signed and forwarded to Bluebell Relocation Services (forms available upon request). In addition, copies of both sides of the cardholder’s photo ID must be forwarded by any practical means (mail, email, fax). All copies must be complete and legible. We reserve the right to refuse any payment by credit/debit card if deemed outside our risk-management parameters.
Labor Time: Labor time starts when the movers begin to work at your home and concludes when the movers are finishing settling your shipment ate your final destination or a storage facility with a minimum of 3 hrs. Driving time between point A and point B is considered LABOR time, not travel time. To simplify, keep in mind that during your move the whole time the movers or the truck are transporting your goods, it is part and counted of the labor time.
Travel Time: It’s the time from delivery location back to the terminal. Travel time is locked in and cannot be changed with a minimum fee of 1 hr.
Parking: Confirm parking restrictions with the building management or local police department at both current and new locations to avoid parking violations. Especially on hourly charges, if the is not parked close enough additional labor charges will be added to the original agreement. Driver will look for a legal parking spot, if none available and in an agreement, driver will park as close as possible to customer house and if there are parking tickets issued, it will be the customer responsibility and will be added to the moving cost.
Estimate does NOT include the following: (Unless Stated otherwise): Packing Materials (boxes, tapes, bubble warp, mattress cover and etc…), Tolls if Applicable, Parking Tickets, Any Special Services that requires a third-party company to perform the service (unless stated otherwise). Inquiry about our different options of packing services or our All-Inclusive Package.
COI (Certificate of Liability Insurance)
We provide COI if it is required by your buildings’ management to perform a move, but it is customer’s responsibility to obtain the requirements from the management and provide them to us via email, failure to provide COI requests and resulting in delays or move postponed, customer will be charged a minimum of 4 hours for the move attempt if confirmed it is customer negligence.
Claim filing procedure: As per company TERMS AND CONDITIONS, in the unlikely event a customer realizes that some of their goods are damaged or missing, or if they feel that they have been over-charged or charged for services that they didn’t received prior, during or after services were completed, all customers FULLY understand that they MUST initially give the service provider (Moving Company) the FIRST RIGHT to fully investigate and respond in writing with a resolution to their issues. To do so, please contact our Claims and customer retention Processing Company at www.MovingClaims.net or Mail your inquiry to P.O. Box 630686, Miami, FL 33163. NOTE: In the event you are not satisfied when a resolution is made to your claim / complaint against the company, ONLY THEN you may contact any state, city, government, insurance, and consumer group such as the BBB, public, media organization, internet website or credit card agency.
By Electronic or Manually signing this document, I authorize Bluebell Relocation Services to charge the deposit for my move stated on my estimate and I also confirm that I have read, and I am in agreement with the company terms and conditions for my move. In the event If I fail to provide minimum notice for rescheduling/ Canceling as requested in this document, I authorize Bluebell Relocation Services to charge the associated penalties stated above.